The mountain lion is protected under California law. Photo credit: Mountain Lion Foundation

Sonia Horon, Global Animal

The California Fish and Game Commission, created in 1870, manages California’s wildlife, which is the complete opposite of what its chief executive is doing. Since it’s illegal to do so in California, Daniel Richards, the president of the Commission, paid $7,000 to hunt and shoot a mountain lion in Idaho. Richards used professional guides and hounds to stalk the cougar through the forest, chase him up into a tree and shoot him. He then posed for a heartwarming photo with the carcass. Western Outdoor News wrote, “Asked about California’s mountain lion moratorium, Richards didn’t hesitate. ‘I’m glad it’s legal in Idaho.’”

Photo credit: Ecorazzi

Ronald Reagan banned mountain lion hunting in 1970 and Californians have been strongly united on the issue ever since, continuing to slap down any tries at reverting the ban. “It’s not illegal (in Idaho). But he’s thumbed his nose at the people of California,” said Wayne Pacelle, the president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States in an interview with the San Jose Mercury News.

“He’s supposed to be representing the interests of all California citizens. It seems like such a tone-deaf action. What part of ‘no’ doesn’t he understand?”

Wayne Pacelle also pointed out that unlike turkeys or deer, mountain lions are not used for food after they are shot. So the mountain lion was shot for the sake of Daniel Richards getting a trophy. 

Daniel Richards has also made a deliberate effort to obstruct legislation regarding animal law protection. He has opposed the Marine Life Protection Act, which according to the California Department of Fish and Game, “directs the state to reevaluate and redesign California’s system of marine protected areas.”

Sign a petition to the California Fish and Game Commission to let them know that blatant disregard for Californian voters is unacceptable.

This guy is wrong about how Californians want to manage wildlife. If you agree, please sign the HSUS petition asking for his immediate discharge. 

You can also directly contact The Fish And Game Commission by calling (916) 653-4899. 




  1. You left-wingers need to get over yourselves and deal with reality. This hunt was done legally, in a state whose laws closely regulate the harvest of predators like mountain lions, unlike the wacko laws of the financially, and morally, bankrupt state of Kalifornia. Mr. Richards was entirely within his rights to harvest this predator. You may not agree with what hunters do based on some moral “high ground” you claim to occupy, but quit looking down your noses at everyone who does not march lockstep with you views. I have hunted for over 40 years and hope to do so for many more years. I generally eat what I kill, but have also kept some critters for trophies – all taken legally, all done ethically, and all done humanely.

    • the problem is that this guy is the head of a wildlife department, and he seems to not really have a love for wildlife that you would expect form someone in that position. he turned down a bill to protect marine areas, which are very important ecologically, and then he kills a mountain lion for fun. who cares if it was legal, he killed an amazing animal for some kind of sick thrill. he sounds like a bastard to me.

  2. Hi everyone!

    The Humane Society petition only allows California residents to sign since Richards is an elected California representative.

    If you still want to have your voice heard, please call the number at the bottom of the article for the Fish and Game Commission: (916) 653-4899 and tell them you want Richards discharged immediately.

    Thank you!

    – Global Animal