Won’t you be Trevor’s Valentine? Photo Credit: Sharon Hardy

Adrianne Gallatin, Global Animal

Even animals need a valentine, and Sharon Hardy from Sweet Potato Pet Photos in Santa Monica, California, wants to give them one. She has been working with another local volunteer, Carmen Molinari, to create Valentine’s Day-themed portraits of some of her adoptable furry friends.

Will you be Smokey’s Valentine? Photo Credit: Sharon Hardy

“There are so many great dogs and cats at the shelter, and showing them in this light allows people to see them as wonderful pets—not just animals behind bars,” said Hardy. “These photographs make it easy to see that dogs and cats at shelters are kind, obedient, and adorable, and they can make someone very, very happy if given the chance.”

Hardy has been working with Santa Monica Animal Shelter since 2010 to create photos of shelter pets that do more than serve as a quick post on a shelter site. She wants to show off their beauty and personality, too.

In December 2011, Molinari, owner of the pet sitting business Love at First Sit, approached Hardy about doing seasonal shelter pet photo shoots. Christmas was such a smash, they have now captured adoptable critters in both New Years and Valentine’s scenes.

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Is Flo your girl? Call the Santa Monica Animal Shelter. Photo Credit: Sharon Hardy

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