Abandoned Pets Take Flight

This pooch gets ready for his flight to a loving home. Photo Credit: Micheal Whays/www.petside.com

Candice Chandler, Global Animal

When people think of adopting abandoned pets, they usually think of a nearby shelter or website that offers rescues within the area. Pilots N’ Paws, however, has taken a different approach: flight.

Pilots N’ Paws recently dedicated their organization to completely relocating dogs, cats, and even reptiles who don’t have homes. Even if it’s thousands of miles away, these dedicated pet protectors find a way to help. By working with volunteer pilots who donate their planes, time, and piloting expertise, success has quickly grown for this animal rescue organization.

Along with saving single pets who need new homes, Pilots N’ Paws also lends a hand to shelters who are sometimes forced to euthanize animals due to overcrowding or shelter closure. With help from the volunteer pilots, dogs and cats are moved to shelters with more space, and have a new chance at finding their forever homes.

Pets are abandoned more than most would think. An estimated six to eight million pets are abandoned and put into shelters, with dogs making up 60% of this figure. Two billion dollars is spent on housing and euthanizing these animals, most of which are healthy and ready for adoption. Pilots N’ Paws is revolutionizing how animal rescue is conducted while also setting an example for other rescuer organizations.

By providing pets with a chance at living a normal life near or far, Pilots N’ Paws is creating a better future for these dogs, cats, and reptiles.  

If you would like to support Pilots N’ Paws, click on the link to donate and learn more about their organization: http://pilotsnpaws.org/

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