(TAKE ACTION) Executives of Atlantic City’s Steel Pier have decided to bring back the horse diving act, a show where horses are forced to run and jump off a 40 foot pier into a 12 foot pool. The show was a major attraction from 1920 to 1970 until it was shut down, and rightfully so. Steel Pier president Anthony Catanoso says there is no evidence that the show is cruel or abusive. We would like to see him take a flying leap from 40 feet up, land belly first in 12 feet of water, and revise that statement! Read more on how to put a stop to horse diving in Atlantic City.  — Global Animal  
A diving horse at the Atlantic City Steel Pier, 1959. Photo credit: lreed76 via flickriver

Eccorazzi, Ali Berman

Who on earth would think that forcing a horse to jump off a 40 foot pier into a 12 foot pool would be considered a good idea? Apparently the money hungry executives in Atlantic City. 

Unfortunately for horses, the diving show at the Atlantic City Steel Pier will be returning this summer. The show was a major attraction from the 1920′s to the 1970′s, but was then shut down. The spectacle involves a rider mounting a horse and then diving into the water.

Anthony Catanoso, the Steel Pier president, said about the revived show, “It’s iconic, it’s historical and it’s very popular.” He continued, “Nobody can show us any documentation that the diving horse act here on Steel Pier ever harmed an animal, ever produced any kind of cruelty or abuse. We would not do that.”

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I’m thinking rodeos, SeaWorld and Ringling Bros. say similar lines about the welfare of the animals that they exploit for human entertainment.

NBC10 Philadelphia reports that Catanoso is hoping to open the show Memorial Day weekend.

Get ready for the petitions and protests. We have a feeling animal activists aren’t going to take this kind of cruelty sitting down.

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