(ANIMAL NEWS) MEXICO — On Saturday 250 people protested bull-fighting in Mexico, one of the eight countries where the cruel practice is still legal. Protesters smeared fake blood and attached darts to their backs, symbolizing the suffering real bulls go through in the arena. The animals die a slow, painful death all in the name of entertainment. Bull fighting enthusiasts hide behind tradition as the reason for keeping bull-fighting alive, but animal activists say that more than 70% of Mexican residents want the practice abolished. Read on to learn more about the Mexican protest. — Global Animal
Photo credit: AP via the Daily Mail

Daily Mail, Jill Reilly

Hundreds of animals rights protestors covered themselves in fake blood and lay on the ground half naked in a demonstration against bull fighting in Mexico City.  

An estimated 250 people took part in Saturday’s protest, taping imitation barbed darts that bull fighters use against the animals onto their bodies. 

The protestors were from AnimaNaturalis, an animal rights group who were demonstrating on the eve of the bull fighting season outside Mexico City’s Fine Arts Palace.

‘Youths from all the states of Mexico, half-naked, covered with blood and with ‘banderillas’ sticking in them showed (on Saturday) with this demonstration the suffering that the bulls are subjected to in the bullfights,’ said Leonora Esquivel, one of the leaders reported Latin American Herald Tribune. 

The protest was designed to support the bill of Congressman Cristian Vargas, who proposed banning bull fighting in Mexico in December. 

The protestors were from AnimaNaturalis, an animal rights group who were demonstrating on the eve of the bull fighting season. Photo credit: Reuters

Curious onlookers stood and watched the protestors stood in the heat imitating bulls as they die in the ring. 

The animal rights activists said they would like to see the activity abolished throughout the country where more than 70 percent of the residents are against it. 

Supporters of bullfighting argue that it is a culturally important tradition and an art form, but animal rights advocates believe that it is a blood sport resulting in the suffering of bulls

Bull fighting only remains legal in eight countries – Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Spain, southern France and Portugal. 

Ms Esquivel said in Mexico bull fighting has not been ruled against in a one single town or city where bullfighting has been outlawed, but in other countrues, including Spain where it is very popular, it has been banned in certain areas

‘In Mexico there are even schools to teach how to torture the bulls and we even have the youngest bullfighter in the world,’ Esquivel told the Latin American Herald Tribune.

Another of the campaign’s organisers, Israel Arreola said: ‘Nothing justifies the torture, humiliation and death that (are inflicted) on an animal against its will.’ 

Congressman Vargas introduced a bill in December to prohibit bull fighting, and animals rights’ groups are working to demonstrate their support for the bill publicly. 

The organizations are calling for a consultation with the citizenry to ‘state the rejection of bullfighting among the greater part of the population,’ animal rights activists said in a statement.

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