80 dogs are awaiting euthanasia in California. Photo Credit KVAL.com

Adrianne Gallatin, Global Animal

Calling all Global Animals. 

In Bakersfield, CA 180 dogs, seven cats, and one pig were rescued in January from an animal rescuer turned animal hoarder. Volunteers and the US Humane Society have been working around the clock to rehabilitate and adopt these sweet animals, but time is running out. Around 80 animals are waiting for adoption, and if they are not placed in homes soon they could be euthanized. 

All animals have been vet checked, are up-to-date on shots, and have been treated for mange and parasites. Now all they need is a good home. 

We need rescues to take even one dog, fosters willing to give a dog a place to be while we look for a permanent home, and donors willing to save one dog with a donation of $100.00 which will put a dog into boarding for 10 days.

If you can help, The Dog Spot is offering to help with transport, so please contact them as soon as possible. If you are financially unable to help at this time, share this article with anyone you can.

These puppies need your help! Act now! Photo Credit: Bakersfield Now






  1. Shannon: If you would like to talk to someone about rescuing or fostering a dog from Bakersfield, there are several direct lines you can call.

    Maggie Keller at the Kern County Animal Shelter can answer any questions you have. (661) 868-7104

    You should also try Dog Spot Rescue. They are currently working to find homes for these animals. They have three phone numbers you should try. If you are willing to help, they will work with you.
    Lindsay – (925) 212-1795
    Melissa – (707) 624-6660
    Ashley – (707) 342-4042

    Helping these animals would be an incredible gift on your part, but remember that there are lots of animals near you that need to be adopted and fostered, too. The animals in Bakersfield are in trouble right now because they were originally part of a rescue organization that got too big. Adopting an animal near you could keep this from happening again.

    You can do your part to help in so many ways. Thank you so much for your care and concern.