(CAT NEWS) AUSTRALIA — The RSPCA have created a new solution to leaving your indoor cat home alone. And the best part is, it comes in the form of a new and cool iPad application. The interactive app is called the Affection Collection, which includes three different games to keep your cat entertained while you’re out of the house. Read more about the different games offered and watch a video of it here. — Global Animal

KPLCtv.com via CNN

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA (NETWORK 10/CNN) – If you have trouble keeping your pet cat indoors, a new iPad cat app will keep it company while you are away.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) in Australia has designed the interactive iPad app called the Affection Collection. The app is part of a university’s charity project to help pet owners keep their cats entertained while they are away.

“Basically the aim of this game is for the cats to protect the cheese,” said RSPCA member, Amanda Appel.

There are three games in all designed to stimulate, entertain and they can show off.

“They have a system here and you can see their high score at the bottom, so this is for their human parents to be able to tell how smart they are,” Appel said.

Unlike any other cat apps, it also has an automatic boredom shuffling system.

“This a game I have designed you can put down so if you go out to work or to the shops; it’ll repeatedly shuffle through games so the cat will remain interested,” said app designer, Saxon Cameron.

If the cat accidentally taps the app twice and it goes to the main menu, owners do not have to worry, since it automatically defaults back to the game. This is another ploy to keep indoors felines occupied.

“For us it is all about keeping indoor cats stimulated and excited because they have not got that natural environment to go hunting,” Saxton said.

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