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Big Miracle is a true story whale lovers and animal enthusiasts everywhere will enjoy. Following the journey of a family of gray whales trapped beneath the impenetrable Alaskan ice, their survival ignites unexpected cooperation between an unlikely group of rescuers. 

Anchorage news reporter Adam Carlson (John Krasinski) and a young boy native to Alaska (Agmaogak Sweeney) witness the whales fighting for air from a small hole and Adam broadcasts the footage, which is later picked up by NBC. The story goes national, and it’s airing brings about the determination of a Greenpeace activist, Rachel Kramer (Drew Barrymore), who openly advocates for their rescue. After being trapped in the same area for so long, each whale began to sustain cuts and bruises from the thick ice, and in the baby’s case, pneumonia from the Alaskan waters. Her stubborn passion for the survival of this family of whales brings about a catalyst of events attempting to lead them to open ocean.

A ruthless oil tycoon (Ted Dansen), a colonel in the Alaska National Guard (Dermot Mulroney), a local Inuit tribe leader (John Pingayak), and an icebreaker led by the Russian Navy are brought together in hopes of saving the injured California gray whales. The small family of marine mammals affects all who participate to free them from the freezing water, and journalists from abroad soon bombard the small town Barrow, Alaska for their own footage and coverage. 

Big Miracle depicts the true power animals have with humanity, and their struggle materializes love and compassion within everyone participating in their rescue. A heartwarming and unique story of survival, Big Miracle proves that opposing forces can work together, and the fact that it all started with a family of struggling whales is incredible. After twenty years the true story of the operation to free these whales still inspires anyone who learns about their battle in the Arctic Circle.


Big Miracle opens in theaters February 3rd. Photo Credit: Stock Photo

 We give Big Miracle 4 out of 5 paw rating!

 Big Miracle opens in theaters February 3rd.



The production of Big Miracle was aimed at being entirely realistic and animal friendly. The only animals used in the making of the film were the real whales from archival footage from news broadcasts in 1988. The whales in the movie were CGI and animatronic, and the Inuit people from the supporting cast for the film were actual locals from Point Barrow, Alaska. The efforts from the producers and director were combined with real accounts and documentation from people involved in the mission over twenty years ago. Bonnie Mersinger Carroll from the Reagan Administration who witnessed the real event acted as a technical advisor for the film. Their hard work payed off, and the realism depicted in the movie is strikingly believable. 

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