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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Airline Forced To End Captive Dolphin Transport

(SEA SHEPHERD) Uproar over the transportation of five wild-caught Taiji dolphins in a practice animal advocates call "flying coffins," Hong Kong Airlines has been shamed into ending the business of transporting dolphins. Initiated by Sea Shepherd Hong Kong, the Humane Society, and a petition containing 6,400 signatures, the airline came under heavy pressure to explain why they participated in the horrific business of dolphin capture and transport. — Global Animal 

Fast Food Chain Takes Aim At Factory Farming

(FACTORY FARMING) Chipotle's short film titled Back to the Start depicts a small hog farmer who is unhappy with treatment of his animals and decides to go "back to the start" and break free from commercial farming. Read on and let us know if you think Chipotle's ad will help change the way factory farms treat their animals. — Global Animal

Rhino Horns More Expensive Than Gold

(WILDLIFE NEWS) SOUTH AFRICA — Millions of dollars worth of poached rhinoceros horns are ending up in Vietnam, and they are not used for decoration. Many Asian cultures believe these horns have medicinal properties, from supplying super vitamins to curing cancer. Although no doctor has been able to prove these qualities, people still pay top dollar. This business has brought the price of rhino horns up as high as $133 per gram—more expensive than gold or cocaine. Murdering rhinos for a part of their body is atrocious, but it is even more appalling because the horns can be removed without killing the animal, and they will even grow back. Rangers think farming rhinos could work as a temporary solution to illegal poaching, where rhinos would be raised for their horns much like sheep are raised for their wool. In an environment where the war on poaching seems as futile as the war on drugs, this might be the rhinos' only chance. Read this account from National Geographic to learn about rhinoceros poaching from both the perspective of the rangers and the poachers. — Global Animal

Horses Helping Hindered Humans

(ANIMAL THERAPY) ENGLAND — Medical ailments and illnesses completely change a person's mood and spirit. Emotionally withdrawn, many suffering from depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and autism crave a therapeutic answer without having to run to the pharmacy to collect prescriptions. Therapists in England think they might have found a way to help ease these illnesses: horses. Highly emotional, empathetic and intelligent, horses are now aiding patients and the results are promising. Read on to learn about how horses are taking on patients and teaching them about strength, love, and inner healing. — Global Animal 

UPDATE: Taiji Dolphin Guardian Released

(DOLPHIN NEWS) JAPAN — Cove Guardian Erwin Vermeulen was released after 63 days spent in a Japanese prison. Vermeulen was falsely accused of pushing a local hotel employee while taking pictures of dolphins being transported from cages into Taiji's Dolphin Resort Hotel. Arriving home in the Netherlands yesterday, Vermeulen thanked everyone for their continuous support and said he was glad his ordeal had not been in vain. His experience generated worldwide attention about the atrocities being committed in Taiji. Read on for more on Vermeulen's release. — Global Animal

Taking Animal Cruelty Out Of Education

(ANIMAL RESEARCH) Most students dread the day when they must dissect an animal for biology class. Although the practice has become less common in schools, the discussion continues over whether the educational benefit of dissections outweighs the damaging effects on the development of empathy and compassion in children. In this preview from her upcoming book Raising Kids Who Love Animals, child psychiatrist Dr. Sujatha Ramakrishna discusses why animal dissections in schools and universities do more harm than good. — Global Animal

Aniston Adopts Pit Mix

(PET ADOPTION)—Adopting a new pup from the pound can be a difficult choice, so it's not surprising that Jennifer Aniston got teary-eyed at the animal shelter where she got her new pooch. The actress was having a hard time picking out just one new companion to take home.— Global Animal

San Nicolas Island Free Of Feral Cats

(ANIMAL NEWS) CALIFORNIA — San Nicolas island has accomplished a great achievement as the largest island in the world to remove feral cats without using poison. The island's invasive species diminished native animal populations like Brandt's cormorants and Western gulls. The cats also killed the federally threatened island night lizard, and were making it hard for the island fox, a protected species unique to the Channel Islands, to get enough food. After spending more than $3 million and catching the felines over the span of 18 months, San Nicolas island is finally cat free. Read on to find out how this amazing feat was accomplished humanely. — Global Animal

New Face For Polar Bear Day

(ENDANGERED SPECIES) February 27 is International Polar Bear Day. In celebration, animal lovers worldwide can watch the daily activities of Siku, the 3-month-old polar bear cub. The live webcam will stream for two hours every day from 9:00-11:00 EST while Siku plays by a pond in Denmark's Scandinavian Wildlife Park. The cub has been dubbed the "ambassador for polar bears," and was chosen to raise awareness about the decline in sea ice. The bears hunt on the ice, and as it is lost, so are their opportunities to find food.  — Global Animal

Monster Lobster’s Lucky Day

(OCEANS) MAINE — The largest lobster ever caught in Maine was released back into the Atlantic Ocean last week. Weighing a whopping 27 pounds and harboring claws strong enough to break a human arm, "Rocky" returned to the cold waters aided by scientists from the Maine State Aquarium. Since Maine doesn't allow the capture of lobsters that measure more than five inches from eye to tail, Rocky's magnitude of 40 inches inevitably guaranteed his freedom. Read on to learn about Rocky's release. — Global Animal

Whale Meat On Amazon.com Vanishes

(WHALES) As the result of a successful petition, more than 145 whale meat products were removed overnight from Amazon's Japan site. Although the online retailer has a policy banning the sale of illegal wildlife products, Amazon.jp was selling whale bacon, whale jerky, and whale stew, among other illegal animal products. The Environmental Investigation Agency, Humane Society International and thousands of protesters are demanding that Amazon enact a company-wide ban on the sale of all whale, dolphin and porpoise products. Read more on this shocking find and how animal advocates are responding. — Global Animal

Toxic Water Deforms Fish

(POLLUTION) IDAHO — Brown trout collected by scientists near a mining zone in southern Idaho have been found with physical mutations, including two heads. The mining company, J.R. Simplot Company, claims to have tested the water and confirmed that the toxic pollutant present, selenium, met regulation amounts. Harmful to birds, fish, reptiles and humans, an investigation is now underway focusing on how much selenium is in the water, and what levels are acceptable. Read on to learn about the seriousness of selenium pollution. — Global Animal

Reality TV: Eagle Edition

(WILD ANIMAL CAMS) The number one most viewed live streaming video of all-time is back! Last year it featured two bald eagles from Decorah, Iowa hatching and raising their chicks. Now the same eagle parents are back with a set of two brand new eggs. Watch the video to see the adorable eagle family grow.—Global Animal

If Michigan's bill passes, then rescue dogs will have the chance at being adopted. Photo Credit: momversation.com

Ohio Repeals Pit Bull Discrimination Law

(ANIMAL NEWS) — Ohio Governor John Kasich just repealed the statewide breed discriminatory law against pit bulls. Now pit bull guardians do not have to pay unfair fines or fence their yards just to keep their four-legged pals. Hopefully this will encourage other states with breed discrimination laws to give them a second look. Read on for more details on this good news! — Global Animal