(ANIMAL SHELTER) Winter months are difficult for stray cats roaming the streets of New York. Leslie Farrell is an architect who has decided to take the matter into her own hands and build small shelters for these homeless felines to curl up in at night. This is how Architect for Animals came to life, an organization that initiates fundraising by hosting a one-night event known as Giving Shelter, which in turn benefits the Mayor’s Alliance For NYC’s Animals. The event displays the creative outdoor designs built by Architects for the city’s strays. Money is then donated to be put into use by the caregivers of NYC Feral Cat Initiative. Check out the different designs for these kitty condos. — Global Animal
Salvaged drum shelter, Photo Credit: Dana Edelson


Stackable shelters, Photo Credit: Dana Edelson


Cat tower, Photo Credit: Dana Edelson


Glass-top box, Photo Credit: Dana Edelson


The Shag, Photo Credit: Dana Edelson


Cardboard tube house, Photo Credit: Lucio Santos





  1. Infortunately,none of these shelters will be used to help cats in nyc.I wrote to all the architects on this project when i heard about it.ANYTHING THAT HAS THE MAYORS ALLIANCE CONNECTED TO IT,is a kill as many animals as you can project.
    These are the people behind our KILL BILL for cats.Does anyone really think they want comfort for these cats,or a known point of cat residence,where the can round them up to be brought in for euthanasia.
    Do not be fooled.The architects might be,but our mayor is a scumbag,who allows animal genocide under his watch,and let’s his minions ,aka Christine Quinn,ASPCA ,Amy paulin,advance the KILL rate ,as much as possible.
    Yeah really.
    Cats will die because of these shelters.They will be known ACC points of capture.
    Watch. Is advice anyone that sees one to throw garbage and other foul smelling things into them,so the cats avoid them.