Tazi Phillips, Global AnimalMartha Stewart Farm Sanctuary PSA

She might not be the most upstanding citizen, but Martha Stewart is standing up for one population. In a new Farm Sanctuary public service announcement, Martha Stewart speaks out against the cruelty inflicted on animals in factory farms. 

“Most people don’t realize how amazing farm animals are,” she says. “They are intelligent, social, emotional beings, like all animals. Chickens have thirty different calls in their language that we can recognize. Cows kick their legs in the air with joy when they’re happy. Pigs form powerful life-long bonds with each other and humans. Sheep bellow in distress when they’re separated from their young and their brood mates.”

“And yet,” she continues, “on animal farms, these sensitive animals are unable to engage in their natural behaviors and are treated like unfeeling machines.”

9 billion animals are raised every year for food in the United States under these cruel conditions, and only recently have factory farming conditions and employee actions been brought to light. After the Mercy For Animals videos were released in 2011 uncovering the brutality happening to animals at Sparboe Farms and the Butterball turkey raising facility, it doesn’t seem surprising that those speaking against factory farming are growing in number. 

Last year, Farm Sanctuary President and Co-Founder Gene Baur was a guest on Stewart’s ground-breaking “Vegan” episode, which helped to introduce the growing animal-free movement to a massive new audience.

“When it comes to setting modern lifestyle trends, there is no one more influential than Martha, and with 9 billion animals annually being subjected to abuses so horrifying they cannot be shown on daytime television, I hope viewers will come away inspired to embrace a compassionate lifestyle,” said Baur. “We want to show that protecting animals from cruelty is as simple — and delicious — as choosing to eat plant-based foods.”

Watch the new Martha Stewart PSA: