Betty White has been giving back to the animals for her entire life. Say Happy Birthday to her by doing the same! Photo Credit: Livingston/Getty.

Adrianne Gallatin, Global Animal

What do you give the woman who has everything? Betty White doesn’t want jewelry, and she doesn’t want flowers, either. America’s Golden Girl wants you to help our four-legged friends.

Betty White has been an animal advocate since the 1970’s when she produced and hosted the TV show “The Pet Set.” On her show, she talked with celebs about their pets and proper animal care, but she wanted to do more. White also joined the Morris Animal Foundation as a trustee in 1971 and the board of directors of the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association in 1974. She has donated countless amounts of money to many animal welfare groups and continues to be an public advocate for animal rights. 

Forty years later, Betty White just turned 90 years old and she’s still giving back. So for her birthday she is asking friends and fans to donate money to the Morris Animal Foundation in lieu of gifts. MAF has set up a nifty page where you can not only donate money (in as small or large increments as you wish), but you can also send Betty a personal birthday message. Happy Birthday, Betty. Global Animal gives thanks for you and all you do.

Go here for more information on MAF or to donate money for Betty