(EXOTIC ANIMAL SALES) Animals are living creatures not memorabilia objects to be auctioned to the public. Yet, those selling exotic animals sell them in such fashion. However, animals are most beautiful when living in their natural habitats — not in the backs of trailers. In essence, exotic animals are only “exotic” because they are not meant to live in someone’s home or in artificial environments. Not only is “owning” such animals unnatural, but they present a danger to their surroundings when living in captivity. Remember the fiasco in Ohio when one man released his exotic animals before shooting himself?
Wolves are one type of exotic pet. Photo credit: Ben Sklar for The New York Times
As opposed to cats and dogs, exotic animals pose a threat due to their tremendous strengths and sizes. Moreover, these animals have been removed from their natural habitats where they have access to others of their kind and can obtain proper nourishment — bottles don’t grow on trees. Additionally, the lack of proper living spaces makes these animals ill. What is the sum of all this? Unnaturally aggressive behavior which puts people and property at risk. Is keeping a large animal in your background really worth the potential danger to you and your loved ones?
Despite the dangers, the exotic animal business still thrives, especially in states lacking tough laws against the practice. Ultimately, everyone should be able to enjoy the beauty of animals when observing them in their natural habits. A select few should not be able to keep these animals in captivity or be able to sell what belongs to nature. For more on the exotic animal trade check out The New York Times piece by Sarah Maslin Nir. — Global Animal

More New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/11/us/exotic-animals-business-faces-restrictions.html?pagewanted=1&_r=2

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  1. Just because there are a few irresponsible people out there who own exotic animals does not mean that exotic animal ownership should be banned altogether. There are many exotic animals who have happy, healthy, high quality, long lives with no worries about lack of food, clean water, shelter, medical care, and preditors living under the care of humans.