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Tragedy Strikes Ohio Leopard, Twice

(LEOPARD) OHIO — Following the tragic slaying of over fifty exotic animals in Zanesville, Ohio last October, one would hope that the six surviving animals of the scandal would go on to live happier lives. Unfortunately tragedy has struck again, as Sunday morning a gate struck the neck of one of the surviving leopards at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. We here at Global Animal mourn both the recent loss of the leopard as well as all of the animals lost just three months ago in the very avoidable Zanesville Animal Massacre. Read more on the tragic fate of this beautiful creature. — Global Animal

Dying Boy And Rescued Dog Save Each Other

(TOUCHING TALE) TENNESSEE — When 4 year-old Lucus Hembree was diagnosed with Sanfilippo syndrome, an incurable disease that causes severe neurological damage, his family searched long and hard to find him a service dog. When they were told one of the dogs would cost as much as 15,000 dollars and Lucas wasn't a good match, they refused to give up. This is when they came across Juno, an abandoned Belgian Malinois who was only days away from being euthanized at a shelter in East Tennessee. Read more to see how rescuing Juno has literally saved Lucas's life.  — Global Animal 

Brothers Capture Rare Hummingbird Images (GALLERY)

(BIRDS/ANIMAL PICTURES) VIRGINIA — Incredible photos that captured a unique albino ruby-throated hummingbird were taken by four boys on August 26 2011. A family owned and run magazine called Nature Friend Magazine featured the photos, and the owner's young sons were the photographers. The brothers spent one and a half weeks waiting for the right moment to catch the bird on film. Their diligence proves that anyone can appreciate rare wildlife without doing any harm. Check out the photos and read on to see the brothers' patience materialized on film. — Global Animal

Australian Beachgoers Unaffected By Shark Attacks

(SHARKS) AUSTRALIA — 2012 has already been a shark-infested summer for Australians. With three attacks in January, you'd think locals would be hesitant to return to the sun-soaked beaches. They're not. Read more on why locals are still venturing into the water unafraid of their underwater neighbors, despite increases in shark numbers near shore. — Global Animal

Pit Bull Program Gets $1 Million In Funding

(ANIMAL NEWS) Last week PetSmart Charities announced that they will be funding a $1 million dollar grant program to help reduce the number of pit bulls in shelters. Two animal clinics in Virginia will get the funding and will use it for spay-neuter surgeries for cats and pit bulls, the most common animals found in shelters. Read on to find out more about this new project and how other organizations are working to reduce the number of unwanted pit bulls. — Global Animal

Look Who’s Talking: Four Animals Who Could

(ANIMAL COMMUNICATION) Here are the true stories of a seal, parrot, cat, and chimp who communicated with humans in words and other wondrous ways. Anyone who's ever wondered what a pet was thinking will appreciate these four fabulous communicators. —Global Animal

Animal DNA Helps Catch Abusers

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) Though human DNA has been used in criminal cases for about 35 years, the collection of animal DNA has only begun to gain ground in the past few years.  Animal DNA is proving to be vital evidence in cases involving animal abuse. Since there is a known link between animal and human violence, this step towards justice is good news for all. — Global Animal

War Vet Reunited With His Afghani Puppy

(TOUCHING TALE) Donny Eslinger may have rescued his puppy from the war zone in Afghanistan, but Smoke was really the one doing the rescuing. In addition to being a good friend, he was a welcome presence for the soldiers, boosting morale and giving much needed hugs and kisses. Pets have often proven to give therapeutic help to soldiers overseas, and those recovering from PTSD at home. Read more on this touching tale of a soldier and his dog. — Global Animal

Is Diet Food Making Your Pet Fat?

(PET HEALTH) Studies have shown that more than half of all dogs and cats are overweight, and the numbers are only rising. These overly plump pets are more prone to health problems, and American culture seems to be the one to blame for this growing issue. Read more to find out why treats and diet food could be helping your kitty or pooch pack on the pounds and what you can do to prevent it. — Global Animal

Elephants In Thailand Under Big Threats (VIDEO)

(ANIMAL POACHING) Despite being Thailand's national symbol, the country's elephants face many threats. Not only are elephants poached for their tusks and enslaved within the tourism industry, but they also face a new threat of being poached for their meat. This new practice surfaced last month once authorities discovered two slaughtered wild elephants in a national park in western Thailand. The poachers took the elephants' sex organs and trunks for human consumption—a practice that some Asian cultures falsely believe will boost sexual prowess. Read on to learn more about the risks of extinction these elephants face. — Global Animal

A Win! Animal Advocates Stop UK Dog Farm

(CELEBRITY/ANIMAL TESTING) A UK based animal rights organization, along with the help of petitioning animal advocates and celebrities Ricky Gervais and Brian May, has successfully campaigned to stop a breeding farm for dogs. The UK farm would have been used to breed thousands of beagles for laboratory experiments which the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) claims is cruel and unnecessary. Read more on this win against animal testing! — Global Animal

Big Trouble, Little Fish

(FISHERIES) CHILE — Fishermen who long ago couldn't imagine the ocean ever running out of fish are now faced with the daunting realization that it's happening. Every catch pulled from the depths reveal a pittance compared to decades ago, and the jack mackerel population has dropped an estimated 63% from 2006 to 2011. Now fleets of trawling boats head for the only area untouched by nets: Antarctica. With governments attempting to regulate the amount of fish caught, many boats ignore these slowly ratified policies and continue to pull catches from illegal and unregulated waters, unaffected by the damage they are causing. Since mackerel are an irreplaceable step in the food chain of the oceans, if they disappear, it causes an ecological collapse. Read the full article below for the details and what governments are hurrying to do to protect what is left of the jack mackerel. — Global Animal

Teeny Tiny Elephant Rescued in Malaysia

(ANIMAL NEWS) MALAYSIA — A baby pygmy elephant was rescued from a deep moat on Borneo Monday afternoon by plantation workers. He is one of less than 2,000 pygmy elephants left living in the wild. Tiny animals are adorable, but sometimes they need our help. Read on for more on the rescue of this baby elephant, and how a proposed wildlife sanctuary is attempting to save this wild animal population. — Global Animal 

The ASPCA named October as National Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month. Photo Credit: Flicker/cnynfreelancer

CA Governor: Kill Pets To Save Money (TAKE ACTION)

(ANIMAL NEWS/TAKE ACTION) CALIFORNIA — Saving a life costs money, and California Governor Brown doesn't want to spend any more. The state of California currently has legislation that requires shelters to allow adequate time for animals to be adopted before considering euthanasia. However, Brown wants to repeal the law to save money. Read more about his proposition, and sign the petition below. Tell the governor that killing animals to save money is disgusting and wrong. — Global Animal