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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Japan Allowing Animal Rescue In Exclusion Zone

(ANIMAL RESCUE) JAPAN — Yesterday, seven months after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, government officials finally granted permits to rescue groups allowing entry into the exclusion zone around the Fukishima Daiichi nuclear power plant to rescue animals. Even after all this time, animal welfare groups believe that several hundred pets have survived, and are just waiting for rescue. Read on to learn what guidelines the rescue groups will have to follow. — Global Animal

Jaguar Spotted In Southern Arizona

(WILD ANIMAL) ARIZONA — Mountain lions, bobcats, and coyotes are all commonplace in the Arizona desert...but jaguars? This year Arizona has had a number of ocelot (also known as the dwarf leopard) and jaguar sightings in the state's southern regions. The wild felines are suspected to have come up through Mexico from South America. Read on for more on one particular jaguar sighting that occurred during a little girls very first mountain lion hunt. — Global Animal

World’s Oldest Dog Dies

(PETS) JAPAN — We are sad to report the oldest living dog, Pusuke, has passed away. Living to be 26 years old, which is 117 in human years, this dog had a long full life. Our thoughts are with Pusuke's guardian. — Global Animal 

Celebrities Aid Sea Shepherd In Its Cause

(SEA SHEPHERD NEWS) Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has announced that it has some new faces joining its advisory board. Actor Sean Connery, surfing champion Stephanie Gilmore, and TV writer, producer and director, Sam Simon have united with other celebrity activists in support of the leading marine conservation non-profit. Read more on the devoted SSCS members and supporters using their expertise to put an end to whaling. — Global Animal

Baby Seal Near Death Rescued

(ANIMAL RESCUE) SCOTLAND — A baby seal close to death was rescued from freezing temperatures on a Scottish beach. The seal pup was resuscitated and will be carefully watched until ready to be released back into the wild. Read on for more information about this heartwarming rescue. — Global Animal 

Military Dogs Not Immune To Combat Stress

(MILITARY DOGS) The concept of canine post-traumatic stress disorder is becoming more apparent as military working dogs show increasing signs of behavioral changes more commonly associated with their human counterparts. Sources say that of 650 dogs deployed by American forces, around 5% are developing PTSD. Read more on military canine PTSD and the discussion over how these heroic dogs are being treated. — Global Animal


Wasps Good With Faces

(SCIENCE) — Scientists at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor have discovered that wasps are better at learning other wasp's faces than anything else tested on them. Facial recognition is one commonality between wasps and humans, but they also share the fact that how they learn faces differs from how they learn other images. Read on for more on the researchers methods in discovering this scientific breakthrough. — Global Animal

Panther Kitten Released into Wild

(WILDLIFE) FLORIDA — Congratulations to Florida's Big Cypress National Preserve where an orphaned panther kitten was released this past week. Read on for the background info and how the panther cat is doing now. — Global Animal

American Kennel Club Judge Connected To Animal Abuse

(ANIMAL WELFARE) WASHINGTON — After receiving a tip, Pasado's Safe Haven, a Seattle-area animal sanctuary with the aid of the King County Sheriff's office began an investigation into the current conditions at a home in Burien and one near Issaquah. When officers arrived on Wednesday they found between the two homes, in total 100 dogs, nearly half of which were kept "in relatively poor health and kept in extremely dirty dog crates." No charges have been files as of yet, but read on for more details on the raid and the dogs' well being. — Global Animal

Toads Know When To Go

(WILDLIFE) Looks as if we should start listening to animals more often. Scientists finally confirm some animals can predict earthquakes and other natural disasters with reactions to nature — which before were only guesstimates. Read on for more about this finding. — Global Animal

92 Animals Rescued In Branson, MO

(ANIMAL RESCUE) BRANSON, MO — Today in Branson, Missouri 92 animals were rescued from a home where they were forced to live in sub-standard, filthy living conditions. Of the 92 animals, there were 40 dogs as well as cats, birds and ferrets. The woman who lives in the home claims she was running a personal animal rescue service. Missouri Department of Agriculture rescued the 92 animals and immediately transferred custody of them over to the Humane Society of Missouri. Read on for more on how you can help and/or adopt one of the 92 mistreated pets. — Global Animal

Street Dogs Have A New Defender (VIDEO)

(CELEBRITY ANIMAL ACTIVIST) Singer Ke$ha has adopted a new animal cause. As the first Global Ambassador of the Humane Society International, Ke$ha is calling for people to help feed, protect, and treat street dogs from around the world. Watch her new video to find out what the Humane Society International is doing to help protect these animals and what you can do to help. — Global Animal


PETA Puts Vegetarians On Stamps

(VEGETARIAN CELEBRITIES) PETA has launched a new animal rights campaign - vegan and vegetarian celebrity postage stamps. The stamps which were released Tuesday feature celebs such as Pam Anderson and Ellen Degeneres, and historical figures like Gandhi and Leonardo da Vinci. The stamps will be available through the holiday rush in hopes of increasing animal rights awareness. Read more about PETA's new campaign and the celebrity figures featured. — Global Animal

Space Worms Could Lead To Colonization Of Planets

(SCIENCE) Aboard the International Space Station twelve consecutive generations of worms have now successfully reproduced. While worms are not humans, we share the same size genome with worms, and many of our genes perform the same functions. The worms in space were unaffected by the gravity changes and other spatial conditions, leading researchers to believe this is the first of many steps towards the human colonization of other planets. — Global Animal