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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Friendship Guides Blind Dog

(ANIMAL FRIENDSHIP) UK — When Lily was a puppy, she lost her sight. Luckily for this blind gal, a friend and fellow Great Dane named Madison decided to become a seeing eye guide dog for Lily. Now another obstacle has struck the two best friends —their current guardian can no longer care for them, so they are searching for a new home.  — Global Animal

Airport Employee Puts Pet Before Job

(ANIMAL WELFARE) Last month an airport baggage handler was fired from her job after refusing to load a pet carrier with an emaciated and maltreated dog onto a plane. A local animal welfare agency took custody and care of the dog. After being nursed back to health, authorities released the pointer back into the care of the original guardian. Read more on the woman who lost her job by reporting animal abuse, and why she's questioning the decision made by authorities. — Global Animal

Animals Remind Kristin Chenoweth What’s Important

(CELEBRITY ANIMAL ACTIVIST) Broadway and television star Kristin Chenoweth has always been an animal lover. Five years ago Chenoweth created Maddie's Corner, a non-profit supporting animals in need. With local movements in her hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma as well as New York and Los Angeles, Chenoweth has helped animals across the country find homes. CNN's Sonya Hamasaki sat down with Chenoweth for this weeks CNN Heroes piece. Read an excerpt from the interview below and tune in Sunday night for the full piece, "CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute," at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT, live on CNN. — Global Animal

Balding Akin To Shedding

(SCIENCE) Research from the University of Southern California has found that human hair loss is not only caused by hormones, but also the tissue surrounding hair follicles. This hair loss trait can be similarly found in animals that shed their coats. Read on for more on the research team's discoveries and how man and animal continue to grow together. — Global Animal

This Roach Can Leap Into Your Nightmares

(ANIMAL KINGDOM) — With over 4,000 species, cockroaches across the world have added the leaproach to their legions. If everyday cockroaches aren't creepy enough, the leaproach has a unique characteristic sure to make your skin crawl: it can jump forward almost 50 body lengths. In other words, from the floor to your cereal bowl in one easy jump. Sweet dreams. See pictures of this fantastic insect here... — Global Animal

Japan Siphons Tsunami Funds For Whale Hunt

(WHALING) TOKYO — The Japanese government is providing almost $30 million from tsunami recovery funds to finance the country's annual whale hunt. Japanese officials are sticking with their long-time fiction that whale research is the reason for the annual hunt. Instead of using disaster funds for rebuilding destroyed communities, the government chooses to destroy whales to sell as meat. With plans to kill around 900 minke whales, we're rooting for Sea Shepherd to once again cut their killing season short.  Read on for more about Japan's support of whaling with tsunami funds. — Global Animal

Cat Resists Urge To Run

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This cat just can't decide: should I run, or lounge on the couch? — Global Animal

Queen Solves Mystery Of Dog Illnesses and Deaths

(ANIMAL WELFARE) UNITED KINGDOM — Something on the queen's Sandringham Estate, a Norfolk retreat, has been either killing dogs or making them very sick. For over a year it has been a mystery, until now. Read on to see what has been making pups so ill. — Global Animal 

The Return Of The Woolly Mammoth

(EXTINCT SPECIES) Who doesn't love Jurassic Park? Or the idea of being surrounded by dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures? This dream could soon become a reality with the discovery of woolly mammoth bone marrow. Scientists claim they can use the marrow to clone the prehistoric beast, but we do have to question the ethics involved here. Read on for more information about the potential return of an extinct species. — Global Animal

Dog Found After Eight Years

(PETS) CALIFORNIA — Possibly the best Christmas gift for the Pruitt family: reunited with their pup Petunia after eight long years. Petunia went missing in Virginia and was brought to a local shelter after being found in California. Welcome home Petunia! — Global Animal

Gay Penguins In China Given Chick To Raise

(ANIMALS OF THE WORLD) CHINA — Two gay penguins in China have been given a baby chick to look after, in an attempt to take some stress of the chicks mother who had twins. Similar to the story of Roy and Silo in New York, these two are ready and willing to take on the responsibility of a child. Read on for more details of these awesome penguin couples. — Global Animal

ALERT: Dog Food Recall

(PET HEALTH) Marksman and River Run brand dry dog food have been recalled today due to unacceptably high levels of Aflatoxin, a naturally occurring toxin that can be dangerous to pets when consumed in large volume. Please read the press release below to confirm whether or not you may have a contaminated bag. — Global Animal

College Libraries Checkout Therapy Dogs

(LIBRARY DOGS) In response to students' bi-annual impending wave of final exam worry, some American colleges and universities are providing therapy dogs in their libraries. Read on about how students can pet or play with a furry study buddy as an adorable way to relieve stress. — Global Animal

No Stopping NJ’s Black Bear Hunt

(ANIMAL WELFARE) NEW JERSEY — We here at Global Animal were incredibly saddened by New Jersey's most recent decision to declare a black bear hunting season. The season was created in an attempt to deal with New Jersey's dense black bear population. Following an aggressive animal rights campaign ("Support the right to ARM BEARS"), on Monday morning, the season began. Shortly after, the first bear was killed. Read on for more on the tragic loss for both the animal rights and black bear community. — Global Animal