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Monthly Archives: December 2011

U.S. Restricts Chimp Research

(ANIMAL NEWS) CHICAGO — The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) voted to restrict most chimpanzee medical research across the country. Only research with no other testing options other than chimpanzees (although we find this one hard to believe) or for life-threatening conditions will be continued. The new guidelines are a step down the path of the European Union, which banned all testing on apes throughout Europe in 2010.  Although the new rules are not complete banishment of mistreatment through research, any momentum toward ending chimp cruelty is a win for animal rights. — Global Animal

The Honeymoon Is Over

(GAY PENGUINS) TORONTO — And so ends the tumultuous, celebrity tabloid-esque relationship of Buddy and Pedro, the Toronto Zoo's wish-upon-a-PR-stars. It appears that after being separated in order to mate with female partners, the gay penguins no longer shared the spark they once had. Read on for more details on how this love, marred in international controversy, took a sharp turn for Splitsville, USA. — Global Animal

Marines Rescue Dog, Inspire Hope (VIDEO)

(ANIMAL CONNECTION) When Bill, a dog taken in by a Marine battalion, died recently in Afghanistan, the marines wanted to use the money raised to bring Bill to a loving family in the US to save another dog in a similar situation. Enter Bill Two, a puppy in desperate need of the care she could only receive in the US. Watch the video for more about the love and hope Bill inspired. — Global Animal

Over 100 Primates Given New Homes

(ANIMAL RESCUE) TEXAS — After receiving approval from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court on Monday, 112 macaques and one baboon will be transferred from a wildlife animal orphanage to a nearby sanctuary. Due to overpopulation and underfunding, the orphanage has exhibited a steady decline since August 2010 and can no longer care for the large number of animals. Read on to learn more about the challenges involved in this difficult yet remarkable transfer. — Global Animal

Kentucky Is The Worst…Literally

(ANIMAL WELFARE) Kentucky has little to be proud of after being recognized for the fifth consecutive year as the worst state in the country when it comes to animal protection laws. North Dakota, Idaho, Iowa, and South Dakota fill out the remaining top (or worst) five. Read more for the detailed analysis and full report that went in to Kentucky's fifth straight black & blue ribbon. — Global Animal

Standing Cat On Lookout For Santa

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This upstanding cat rose to fame for his amazing posture and balance. But few know that he's actually waiting for Santa's arrival. Only 10 more sleeps, kitty! — Global Animal

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Chimps Hear Colors, Taste Shapes (VIDEO)

(ANIMAL DISCOVERY) Scientists have found yet another striking similarity connecting chimpanzees and humans: synesthetic sense-intermingling. This phenomenon intertwines one sense, like hearing, to a second sense, like seeing. Read on to learn how chimps can associate colors with letters and numbers, and other sensational abilities. — Global Animal

Beluga Whales Trapped In Ice

(ANIMAL NEWS) RUSSIA — In the Sinyavinsky Strait off the Bering Sea, more than 100 beluga whales have become trapped in a prison of ice. As the ice increases and the food becomes scarce, these whales risk suffocation and starvation. Read on for more about the plight of these whales, and what is being done to help them. — Global Animal

From Rags To Fishes: Cat Inherits Millions

(PET LIFE) ITALY — Two weeks ago, Maria Assunta, the affluent widow of an Italian property tycoon, passed away at the age of 94. Having no children to inherit her vast fortune, Maria chose to leave her estate to her rescued cat, Tomasso...the luckiest black cat ever. Bequeathing a fortune of $13 million in addition to properties in Rome and Milan, Tomasso has risen from the back alleys of Rome to Fortune Magazine's richest cat, and the third wealthiest animal in the world. Read on for more on Tomasso's rags-to-riches story. — Global Animal

Tarsiers Threatened, Commit Suicide

(TAKE ACTION)Tarsiers have a lot of anxiety. And why are they so stressed? Tourists have flocked to the Philippines to check out these tiny, overwhelmingly cute primates, poking and taking pictures. And if that isn't enough, tarsiers have a tendency to commit suicide when too stressed out or when caged in small spaces. Read on for more information on the dwindling numbers of tarsiers and what you can do to help. — Global Animal

Two-Snouted Piglet Born In China (PHOTO)

A piglet was born in China with three eyes and two snouts. Scientists call this polycephaly. — Global Animal

New Rule Offers Clarity For Endangered Species

(ANIMAL RIGHTS) WASHINGTON — A new rule proposed by the Obama administration would allow endangered species to have the same protection across state lines, giving the government a greater ability to enforce the Endangered Species Act and animals under it. State governments would be forced to adhere with national protections, or lack thereof, for animals such as the gray wolf. The rule would allow better chances for locating and recovering listed species. Unfortunately, placing newly declining species or keeping some remaining species on the list could be a difficult task with stricter interpretations enforced.  Read on for the full story. — Global Animal

Rats Choose Friends Over Food

(ANIMAL DISCOVERY) Researchers have found that given the option between a tasty treat and a friend in need, rats will almost always help out their fellow rat. The finding proves that in addition to humans and primates, rats share the feeling of empathy and act on this feeling with no foreseeable personal gain. Read more on this new finding and why this small animal might prove to have a large heart. — Global Animal 

Cat With 26 Toes Saves Shelter

(ANIMAL NEWS) WISCONSIN — Could you imagine having enough toes and fingers to say the alphabet on? That's the case for Daniel the cat, a rescued stray brought to Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center. Owner Amy Rowell saved the tom from animal control after noticing his outgoing personality. The second trait she noticed was the two extra toes on each paw equaling 26 total, extremely close to the world record of 27. Daniel is drawing publicity for the center, which needs to change location because of high rent. Asking for $26 per donation, the center has already raised $80,000. With a happy home for Daniel and more financial stability for the rescue center, we see the extra digits as an extra special gift. — Global Animal