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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Pets & Politicians

(POLITICS AND PETS) We recently came across this op-ed piece from The Daily Beast detailing a handful of GOP candidates and their pet politics. We highly recommend you read this well-written, on-point, and hilarious piece by columnist Leslie Bennetts. — Global Animal

An $11,800,000 Dog Treat?

(CULTURE) How much do you pay for dog treats? The recent auctioning of jewelry from The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor fetched more than $156 million in final bidding. Among these items was the late actress's famous La Peregrina necklace which sold for $11.8 million. So what does the iconic actress's jewelry have to do with dog snacks? Well, back in 1969 La Peregrina almost came to glitter in a dog's belly rather than around Ms. Taylor's neck. Read on for the full story on how a nearly $12 million piece of jewelry almost became a dog treat. — Global Animal

Romania Declares Death To Stray Dogs

(ANIMAL WELFARE) ROMANIA — Despite outcries and petitions the Romanian government passed a bill legalizing the slaughter of stray dogs. While Romania has a large population of homeless dogs, murder isn't an adequate fix. There are many humane solutions available, such as increasing funding for animal shelters, enforcing spaying and neutering, and promoting adoption from shelters and not stores. Find out more about this unfathomable law and what it entails below.— Global Animal

Dog & Dude Dance

(ANIMAL VIDEO) We're not so sure about the guy, but this dog can really dance! — Global Animal

Cluck You: First Cockfighter Arrested Under New Texas Law

(ANIMAL WELFARE) TEXAS — We recently applauded a new law that cracks down on cockfighting in Texas. Last week, officers exercised the powers granted by this new law to arrest Jimmy Lee Bradshaw, the manager of the Oleander Game Farm, and cited thirteen others on site. For decades Texas has allowed cockfighting, but hopefully this raid is a sign of change in the Lone Star state. Read on to learn more about the descent of law enforcement on the Oleander Game Farm. — Global Animal

Fashion Faux Paw

(DOG BREEDS) In recent years celebrities have instigated the fashion craze of dogs in handbags, the ultimate adorable accessory. The The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) conducted research on how much information people actually know about the health and welfare issues affecting their mini pedigree dogs. Read on for the conclusions of the poll and why these pint-sized pooches may be suffering for their looks. — Global Animal

Meat-Free Monday: Minestrone Soup

(VEGETARIAN RECIPE) In the cold winter month of December, what's better than a steaming hot bowl of soup? For this week's Meat Free Monday Challenge, we have a tasty recipe for vegetarian — or vegan with some adjustments — minestrone soup, with an heirloom tomato bruschetta appetizer. As always, happy eating! — Global Animal

Running Reindeer

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This wild reindeer is running pretty fast. Maybe someone told him Santa is hiring. — Global Animal

2012: The Year Of Extinction

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) — A depressing change we may see in the new year is an acceleration in the extinction of animals across the globe. From amphibians to hoofed mammals, many species are on the verge of collapse. The reason? Mankind's detrimental activities, such as overtaking natural habitats and creating pollution, have sealed the fate of the world's wild creatures. Statistics from Conservation International are frightening, showing that thousands of animal, plant, and lichen are at risk. Read on for the full story on 2012's possible mass extinction. — Global Animal

A Family’s Christmas Miracle

(PUPPIES) A Washington family was heartbroken to learn their 7-month-old puppy, Scamp, died after being hit by a car. Ready to bury Scamp the next morning, the family found the dog alive. Say what? Read on to learn how this Yorkshire terrier essentially came back to life. — Global Animal

Law Extended To Ban Cockfighting & Breeding

(ANIMAL WELFARE) TEXAS — Earlier this year, legislation passed a bill in order to strengthen the laws against cockfighting—before officers had to actually witness cockfighting in order to successfully file charges. Now, the law enforces punishment to everyone involved in the process, from breeding to spectating. Read on to learn more about this great step that will help end cockfighting once and for all. — Global Animal

Orangutans Gain Friends (VIDEO)

(ANIMAL CONSERVATION) BORNEO — The endangered orangutan is starting to gather a significant following. Recently the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry in association with private sector groups PT SMART Tbk (SMART) and Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), announced a partnership with Orangutan Foundation International (OFI) to create a two-year conservation program for the protection of orangutans. The new two-year program, called Friends of Orangutan, will release 40 ex-captive orangutans back into their natural habitat. It will also help support 330 displaced orangutans at the OFI Care Center, a non-profit founded in 1986 by Dr. Birute Mary Galdikas, that is dedicated to the conservation of wild orangutans and their habitat. — Global Animal

On The Moove: Cow Evades Capture For Months

(ANIMAL RESCUE) CONNECTICUT — Wanda the cow dodged animal control for five months. How does such a hefty heifer stay incognito? Veterinarians speculate she made friends with a herd of deer. By alerting one another when humans approached, Wanda was able to follow the wild deer away from chance of capture. With her wandering days behind her, Wanda resides at a nearby farm until her owner is identified. Read on for more. — Global Animal

Michael Phelps Dives Into Puppy Adoption (VIDEO)

(CELEBRITY PET ADOPTION) After appearing in a segment on the TODAY show last week, Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps left the studio with a new Catahoula mix puppy named Penelope. The Bow to Wow segment features dogs in need of homes and has maintained a 100 percent adoption success rate. See below for a video clip from last week's show. — Global Animal