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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Are Pigeons Mathemagical?

(SCIENCE) While researchers have long considered birds to be intelligent animals, new studies show that pigeons can learn abstract math! Moreover, pigeons join rhesus monkeys and humans as the only species to exhibit these math skills. Read on to learn more about the study and the possible ancestral link between birds and primates. — Global Animal

Puppies And Presents

(ANIMAL VIDEO) What's better than a pile of presents just waiting to be unwrapped under the tree? A pack of puppies playing under the tree! Merry Christmas! — Global Animal

Dog Joins Church’s Nativity Scene

(PETS & HOLIDAYS) NEW YORK CITY — Virgin Mary: check. Baby Jesus: check. Yellow lab: check? That's right, midtown Manhattan's St. Patrick's Cathedral, located directly across the street from Rockefeller Center, has added Lexington II, a golden lab to the church's Christmas crèche. Lexington II (the statue) is based on Lexington, Msgr. Robert Richie's golden lab, and congregation favorite. Read on for more on this unorthodox Nativity scene. — Global Animal

Bo Obama Goes Holiday Shopping

(CULTURE) VIRGINIA — With his wife and children out of town, President Obama brought Bo along to help make his holiday purchases. Bo Obama has captivated the nation, and a brown poodle named Cinnamon is no exception. Read on to learn more about Bo's shopping spree with the President. — Global Animal

Duchess Kate Middleton Opts Out Of Pheasant Hunt

(CULTURE) Earlier this month, Kate Middleton was practicing her hunting shot in preparation for her stay at the Queen's Sarvingham House over the Christmas holiday. Dating back to the reign of George V (1910-1936), the Royal Family has hunted pheasants at their annual Boxing Day hunt on December 26th. — Global Animal

Tilikum performs in captivity at SeaWorld in Blackfish

SeaWorld Orca Tilikum Taken Ill

(SEAWORLD) FLORIDA — Tilikum, the orca famous for killing trainer Dawn Brancheau, was isolated in the medical treatment pool after behaving abnormally this week. Read on for more details about his sickness. — Global Animal

Goats Jump And Jingle All The Way

(BABY ANIMAL VIDEO) Yes, reindeer are very cute, but have you seen frolicking goats? This joyful video illustrates that goats and glee go together like mistletoe and kisses. Happy Holidays! — Global Animal

Palin Disses First Dog Bo In White House Christmas Card

(EDITORIAL) Sarah Palin, in her embarrassing grab for attention and headlines, has put the White House Christmas card, showing Bo Obama curled up by the fireplace, on her latest hit list. Apparently too much dog and not enough 'family.' We disagree!

Oskar the Blind Kitten Becomes YouTube Star

(ANIMAL CONNECTION) Despite being born without fully-developed eyeballs, Oskar the kitten is just like any other cat. However, after his first YouTube video acquired more than 1.7 million views in little over a month, Oskar has quickly transformed into a YouTube star—he even has his own Facebook page. We hope that Oskar's fame will encourage more animal lovers to adopt a special needs pet. Read on for more on Oskar's inspirational tail. — Global Animal

Hammerhead Sharks Up For Endangered Status

(ENDANGERED SPECIES/HAMMERHEAD SHARK) The hammerhead shark is finally being reviewed for the endangered species list. The shark, famous for its flat head, is often slaughtered for just its fins, which are a sought-after delicacy in certain countries, and is therefore vulnerable to exploitation. Read on to find out why the species is in peril and why it's important that it be put on the endangered list. — Global Animal

Special Needs Dog Fits With Family

(ANIMAL CONNECTION) Does your pet require special treatment? Worried about added responsibility by adopting a pet needing extra care? Well, read on to hear the inspiring story of how Nala, a three-legged pit bull pup, came to be a part of the family with Romulus and Juno, two golden retrievers. Also, feel free to leave your own inspirational stories in the comments section below. — Global Animal

Cute Baby Seal

Russia To Baby Seals: Keep Your Fur

(ANIMAL WELFARE) RUSSIA — With what seems to be a promising step in the right direction Russia has declared that it will no longer buy imported seal skins from Canada. Russia's support on the issue is desperately needed to end the barbaric practice of clubbing seals for their fur, since they are one of its biggest purchasers. If the reports are indeed true we can only hope that this victory is the last one needed to bring this heinous Canadian trade to its demise. — Global Animal

‘War Horse’ Gallops To Greatness

(MOVIE REVIEW) Steven Spielberg's moving new film War Horse showcases the incredible power of animals to unite people, even in the worse of circumstances. Set during World War I, War Horse brings to light the integral part horses played during the war — a part that many overlook. See photos, the trailer, and read our review on War Horse below. — Global Animal

SoCal Zoo Closes Elephant Ride After 25 Years

(ANIMAL SAFETY) CALIFORNIA — On Friday, after twenty-five years of elephant rides, the Santa Ana Zoo closed their doors on the attraction. Due to certain policy changes made by the Associations of Zoos and Aquariums for visitor's safety, the zoo was forced to barricade the massive 8,000-pound Asian elephants. Currently the only zoo in America still offering elephant rides is Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California. With the Santa Ana Zoo's change, we'll see how much longer Six Flags will be offering the service. — Global Animal