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(CULTURE) Earlier this month, Kate Middleton was practicing her hunting shot in preparation for her stay at the Queen’s Sandringham House over the Christmas holiday. Dating back to the reign of George V (1910-1936), the Royal Family has hunted pheasants at their annual Boxing Day hunt held on December 26th.

Kate Middleton has decided to not hunt pheasants with the Royal Family on Boxing Day. Photo Credit: AFP

Although Kate has prepared for the hunt and accompanied Prince William on hunts while they were dating, the Duchess of Cambridge has hopefully made a lifelong commitment to compassionate living with her decision to not partake in the Boxing Day hunt.

Kate’s choice to refrain from hunting pheasants will hopefully inspire more Britons to follow — as pheasant hunting is not simply a tradition of the Royal Family’s. According to the UK animal rights group, Animal Aid, 35,000,000 pheasants are bred each year for hunting purposes.

Whether or not a recent letter from PETA influenced Kate’s change of heart, we applaud her decision to not participate in the Royal Family’s archaic hunting tradition. While all eyes may be focused on the five outfits Kate will be reportedly sporting on Christmas Day, we hope the Duchess of Cambridge’s decision will not only change the Royal Family’s mind about hunting but also influence others to do the same.

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