(CELEBRITY PET ADOPTION) After appearing in a segment on the TODAY show last week, Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps left the studio with a new Catahoula mix puppy named Penelope. The Bow to Wow segment features dogs in need of homes and has maintained a 100 percent adoption success rate. See below for a video clip from last week’s show. — Global Animal
Michael Phelps shows off his new pal on the Today Show's Bow to Wow segment. Photo Credit: TODAY

TODAY.com, Steve Veres

It was love at first sight!

Olympic great Michael Phelps joined TODAY last week to chat about his training regimen. He also helped lend a hand during Jill Rappaport’s Bow to Wow segment. The 14-time gold medalist walked out Penelope, a beautiful Catahoula mix who was up for adoption.

We’re happy to tell you that Michael decided to adopt the pup after the show.

We wish them the best, and we’re happy to report that Jill Rappaport’s Bow to Wow segment still has a 100 percent success rate in finding new homes for dogs featured on TODAY.

Watch the video of Wednesday’s segment below:

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