The Honeymoon Is Over

This photo was taken prior to Buddy and Pedro's separation

(GAY PENGUINS) TORONTO — And so ends the tumultuous, celebrity tabloid-esque relationship of Buddy and Pedro, the Toronto Zoo’s wish-upon-a-PR-stars. It appears that after being separated in order to mate with female partners, the gay penguins no longer shared the spark they once had. Read on for more details on how this love, marred in international controversy, took a sharp turn for Splitsville, USA. — Global Animal
Buddy and Pedro, pre-breakup. Photo credit:

New York Daily News, Nina Mandell

It appears Canada’s beloved gay penguin couple has split up.

Buddy and Pedro made international headlines earlier this year when the Toronto Zoo had to separate them to encourage them to mate with female penguins. Buddy succeeded, but Pedro didn’t seem to have any luck, the Guardian reported.

In the midst of that, the formerly close penguins began fighting across their respective nests, the Toronto Star reported.

The injuries could have been quite serious if there wasn’t mesh netting separating the cages, the newspaper reported.

“It’s a common male trait. They set territory around a nest,” said Tom Mason, a zoo official.

While there was no actual proof that the penguins were gay, they drew worldwide fans and even a petition on asking the zoo not to separate them.

Now, their fans seem to have trouble accepting the star-crossed love may have fizzled on it’s own.

On their fake Twitter accounts, the penguins denied they were separating.

“No TV in here. Probably just more awful rumors about @BuddyPenguin anyway,” Pedro the Penguin tweeted.