Two-Snouted Piglet Born In China (PHOTO)

Two-snouted pig born in China. Photo credit:

Two-snouted pig born in China. Photo credit:


by Madison Rootenberg

In Changtai County, Fuijan Province, China, a very unique piglet was brought into the world by pig-farmer Xiao Jintu. Two snouts and three eyes, the middle eye shared by both faces, this piglet is definitely one of a kind.

“I’ve been raising pigs for 15 years and I’ve never seen anything like this before,” said Jintu. “We knew something was different because her head was so large we had to help when her mother gave birth.”

Scientists are calling it “polycephaly.” Cases of the unique genetic mutations have been popping up for a while, such as two-headed turtles and two-headed snakes that we’ve seen most recently.

Jintu is planning on keeping this still-unnamed piglet around, a seriously special critter. 

— Global Animal


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