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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Blind Dog Returns Home For The New Year

(ANIMAL CONNECTION) Disappearing days after Thanksgiving, Stevie, a dog born without eyes, was assumed to be gone forever. Yet nearly a month after the cairn terrier mix's disappearance, Stevie Oedipus Wonder, has returned home to ring in the New Year, thanks to an advertisement on Craigslist, as well as the help of a school teacher and an animal care agency. Read on to learn more about this touching tale. — Global Animal

Siku The Baby Polar Bear

Animal Stars Of 2011 (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL GALLERY) This year has been one for the books. From YouTube sensations to Japan tsunami survivors to animal based blockbuster films, animals have played an enormous role in some of the major events of 2011. Read on for our list of the top animal stars of the past year. — Global Animal

Arizona Humane Society Attacked For Euthanizing Kitten

(ANIMAL NEWS) ARIZONA — When Daniel Dockery's 9-month-old kitten Scruffy was injured, he took her to the local Humane Society for medical care. While the Humane Society can often be found helping animals and promoting animal welfare, the decision to euthanize Dockery's companion cat because he couldn't immediately pay was both cruel and inflexible. Outrage from the community and threats to pull donations have prompted the Arizona Humane Society to change payment policies, and do some damage control. Read on to for more about this tragic story. — Global Animal

Toilet Plants Shelter Bats In Exchange For “Food”

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) BORNEO — In the second ever symbiotic relationship between carnivorous plants and animals, a small type of bat has developed relationship with the carnivorous pitcher plant: in exchange for a cozy place to live, the bat uses the plant as a toilet, thus feeding the plant. Read on to learn more about this strange relationship between plant and animal. — Global Animal

Singer Pink Pays $5,000 To Save A Dog In Need

(ANIMAL RESCUE) In a sweet act of kindness American singer Pink paid $5,000 to save a puppy's life. Stella, the puppy, was thrown off an L.A. overpass and ended up in the L.A. river, suffering three broken legs as a result. Pink learned that the dog's expensive life-saving surgery, so she graciously spent the $ 5,000 to help Stella gain another go at life. Learn more about Stella's recovery and what happened after her surgery, below. — Global Animal

Acupuncture May Help Chronic Pain In Pets

(PET HEALTH) When Heather, a Scottie, injured her back, rest and pain medications did very little to ease pain and return mobility. A vet recommended acupuncture with some lifestyle changes, and Heather has been feeling better ever since. Find out what holistic treatment options are available for animals. — Global Animal

Pigeons: Feathered Einstein’s

(BIRD INTELLIGENCE) Researchers have found that birds, specifically pigeons, are math wizards in the animal kingdom. Besides for humans and certain non-human primates, pigeons can learn abstract mathematical rules and other numerical skills. Read more on this new finding and why the shared math intelligence of birds and primates is puzzling scientists. — Global Animal

Little Tank, Big Attitude

(ANIMAL BEHAVIOR) A study on common freshwater fish observed that fish kept in small tanks were significantly more aggressive than those in larger tanks. These fish are much more likely to flare their gills and quarrel with other fish as well as guard territory. Read on to learn more about the university's findings. — Global Animal

Tarzan Chimp Now Stars In Heaven

(CULTURE) Last week, a celebrated chimpanzee from the early Tarzan movies passed away at a primate sanctuary in Florida. The Hollywood chimp named Cheetah lived until he was about 80 years old. Read on to hear anecdotes about Cheetah's colorful character and feel free to leave your condolences below. — Global Animal

Allergic Roommates And Cats Can Coexist

(CAT ALLERGIES) Most cat allergies are caused by dander, right? Actually, no; the main allergen behind most cat allergies is not what you may think. Dreading the arrival of your roommate's new cat? Here are some tips on how to live with feline allergies. — Global Animal

Man Caught Smuggling 247 Snakes On A Plane

(EXOTIC ANIMAL SMUGGLING) Earlier this month a man was caught attempting to smuggle 247 live animals aboard a transatlantic flight from Argentina to Madrid. The animals were found in a suitcase by airport staff, and included poisonous snakes and rare reptiles. Read on for more on this mans bizarre and inhumane attempt to traffic these creatures across borders, and how the Argentinian government is responding. — Global Animal

UPDATE: Beluga Whale Rescue Suspened By Bad Weather

(ANIMAL RESCUE) The rescue mission to save the nearly 100 beluga whales trapped by ice near Russia's Chukotka Peninsula since December 13, 2011 has been put on hold due to dangerous weather. It's not all bad news however — while food is limited, experts from the Chukotka Fishery Research Center say the whales have enough food to survive until January. Read on for more about the rescue mission, and the whales plight. — Global Animal

Siku The Baby Polar Bear

Baby Polar Bear Siku Melts Hearts Worldwide

(POLAR BEARS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) There's something particularly endearing about polar bears. From Germany's famous polar bear Knut to the icons of Coca-Cola, these endangered animals can't help but be stars. And little Siku is no exception. Only a month old and he already has over 12, 000 fans on Facebook, and several very popular videos on Youtube. One thing's for sure, we all wish we could help care for this cutie! — Global Animal

Walking Evolved Underwater?

(SCIENCE) Scientists and evolutionary theorists have always surmised that man's fishy four-limbed ancestors initially grew limbs, followed by digits; left the water, and then developed the ability to walk. However, research performed on the African lungfish at the University of Chicago is now disproving that chain of events. Read on for more on the research team's evolutionary discoveries. — Global Animal