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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Shelter Animals Get Makeovers (GALLERY)

(ADOPT A PET) Do the sad eyes of a pound puppy tug at your heartstrings, or do the photos of abandoned shelter animals make you turn away? Professional photographers are trying to change that by shining a betterlight on animals in need of adoption. Read on for what the photographers are doing to catch the eye of  potential pet guardians. — Global Animal 

“Macho” Meat Eaters

(POLITICS OF ANIMALS) Few people still need to hunt for food to survive. Yet today's political leaders portray themselves as formidable hunters and providers while animal lovers are often stigmatized as neurotic. This sense of misguided machismo is still perpetuated in popular culture, where hunting and eating meat is seen as manly and strong, while compassion is seen as weak. Why is the attitude that humans must dominate other animal species still so prevalent? Read more on this interesting discussion about how animals are viewed in our culture today. — Global Animal

Foundation Seeks Foster Homes For Horses

(HORSES/TAKE ACTION) The country's largest racehorse retirement program, the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation (TRF), recently issued an urgent plea to horse lovers and ranch owners across the nation to participate in a Foster Care program. In response to complaints regarding economic instability and insufficient care of former racehorses, the TRF hopes to reduce its herd of 1,100 former racehorses by up to half. Read on for more regarding this much-needed foster program. If effective, perhaps this method could help decrease the number of horses transported from the U.S. to be slaughtered each year. — Global Animal

Mice Threaten SF Island Ecosystem

(WILDLIFE CONSERVATION) CALIFORNIA — Off the coast of San Francisco on the Farallon Islands lives the Ashy Storm Petrel, a scare seabird found only along the California Current. But the sudden infestation of the house mouse now threatens the entire island's ecosystem. The mice eat and reproduce all day. The owls feast on the mice well into the winter then turning to the petrel after the mice population recedes. The problem is the petrel don't provide enough food for the owls who then starve to death. Read on for more details on this food-chain calamity and possible solutions to the epidemic. — Global Animal

Polar Bears Reduce Canada’s Beaver Fever

(POLITICS/POLL) Canada, when'd you get so cold? What'd the beaver, or as Conservative politician Nicole Eaton calls them, "a dentally defective rat," ever do to you, Canada? The beaver has gracefully served as Canada's national emblem for the past 37 years. Why revoke its title now? What would you rather be the symbol of Canada? Are you Team Beaver, Team Polar Bear, or third party? Vote below and read on for more options. — Global Animal

Horse-drawn carriages are an outdated practice that result in animal abuse. Photo Credit: Wall Street Journal

Bloomberg Insensitive To NYC’s Overworked Horses

(ANIMAL WELFARE) NEW YORK — Just days after the death of Charlie, the carriage horse who suddenly collapsed and died last Sunday morning, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg dismissed animal activists' calls to ban horse-drawn carriages in New York, claiming that horse-drawn carriages are a part of the city's heritage. Though Bloomberg also said that the horses are supervised by the health department and the ASPCA, the ASPCA has taken a strong stance against the NYC carriage horse industry, claiming "...horses were never meant to live and work in today's urban setting," and, " the primary enforcer of New York City's carriage horse laws, the ASPCA does not believe New York City can meet the needs of its horses."

Geese Live Freely In CA

(FOIE GRAS BANNED) CALIFORNIA — Chefs may call it a delicacy, foodies may call it exquisite, but animal activists are up-in-arms over it. Foie Gras has been on the radar for many as the most controversial gourmet food, as its creation stems from force-feeding ducks and geese by shoving a metal pipe down their throat. This way, the food goes directly to their stomach and in just a matter of weeks they are abnormally overweight and their livers expanded to ten times its normal size. It is no wonder California has joined the fight against this cruel delicacy by banning it. Read on for more about the ban and how people are responding to it.  — Global Animal

Toronto Bans Shark Fins

(SHARK FIN) TORONTO — Add Toronto to the list of cities against shark finning! Though in strong opposition by the city's Chinese community, Toronto city council recently voted overwhelmingly to ban the sale and possession of shark fins. Alongside Brantford, Oakville, and Mississauga, Toronto is the fourth city in Ontario to enact such a proposal. Read on for more details regarding the city's new ban and hopes for municipal cities. Perhaps revealing photos of the Chinese shark fin industry in action will cause other regions to follow in Toronto's footsteps. See how you can take action. —Global Animal

VIDEO UPDATE FROM JAPAN: One Loyal Tsunami Dog Found

Nov. 5, 2011 VIDEO UPDATE (LOYAL TSUNAMI DOGS) – Nearly eight months after Japan's devastating earthquake and tsunami and the moving video of the two "loyal tsunami dogs" or, "stay together dogs," who refused to abandon each other, one of the dogs has been located, reports the Nippon SPCA.  This direct account by the guardian of the two dogs in the video, a Brittany spaniel and an Irish setter, refutes Kenn Sakurai's story that he was instrumental in rescuing the "stay together dogs" right after a Japan TV station shot the heartbreaking footage. Read on for details about what happened to the loyal dogs and why Nippon SPCA is calling Kenn Sakurai's actions into question. 

New Island Hangout For Orangutans

(MONKEYS) INDONESIA — Caged orangutans in Indonesia will soon have a spacious new home. Thanks to Dr. Ian Singleton, head of the Orangutan Conservation Programme in Indonesia, four new islands will be constructed to house sick and injured captive orangutans who cannot be reintroduced into the wild. Read on about the development of this new project and how it aims to improve the future of this endangered species. — Global Animal

Swedish Bird Catcher Condemned for Animal Cruelty & ‘Fowl’ Play

(ANIMAL NEWS) SWEDEN — Pierre Johansson, Swedish catcher of over 13,000 birds, has been sentenced to a year and a half in prison for animal cruelty and illegal hunting. Read on for more details on the Swede's crimes against the avian community. — Global Animal