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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Canada’s Nessie Caught On Tape? (VIDEO)

(ANIMAL URBAN LEGEND/VIDEO) CANADA — Sightings of Ogopogo, the legendary monster living in Lake Okanagan, have dated back to the 1920s. Like Nessie and Bigfoot, Ogopogo has been caught on tape, but the grainy cell phone video does little to prove the rumor of Ogopogo's existence. Find out what researchers think of the footage, and watch the video. Tell us what you think: is Ogopogo real, or just a legend? . — Global Animal

New Baby Giraffe Born In Israel (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL NEWS) ISRAEL — This past week a beautiful, healthy baby giraffe was born in Israel. Congrats to the new mom! — Global Animal

Captivity To The Wild: A Deadly Transition

(CONSERVATION) Just a few weeks ago, a great white shark was released into the Pacific after 55 days on display at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Sadly just hours later, a tracking device indicated the great white had mysteriously died. While these releases into the ocean are often an accomplishment, scientists are still learning what leads to a successful release and what leads to failure. — Global Animal

Painter’s Tribute To His Monkey

(ANIMAL CONNECTION) NEW YORK CITY — Alleviating grief from the death of a pet is never a simple task. For painter Allen Hirsch, an artistic light emerged from months of mourning his loss. Hirsch pays tribute to his former companion Benajmin, a capuchin monkey he rescued in South America, with portraits, photographs, and sculptures displayed across SoHo. In his interview, he describes his unexpected acquisition of the monkey and their unbreakable bond formed over 14 years of life together. Read on. — Global Animal

Final Stranded Whales Die In Australia

(ANIMAL NEWS) AUSTRALIA —The last of 91 whales stranded along the beaches of Australia and New Zealand have died. Wildlife authorities attempted to guide the animals back to the ocean after the mass stranding over the weekend. Strandings are recognized as a survival technique to allow an injured whale to heal in shallow water. The whale will send a distress call if beached, and others in the pod follow instinctively causing mass chaos instead of recuperation. Read on to learn more about this unfortunate event. — Global Animal

Gas Chamber Beagle Cuddles Up With New Family

(PET ADOPTION) NUTLEY, NJ — Last month 18 dogs were euthanized in a gas chamber in Alabama; however 19 dogs were in that gas chamber. Upon entering the chamber afterwards, the animal control officer in charge was greeted at the door by a tail-wagging beagle. Named after the biblical character Daniel, who walked out of a lions den unscathed, Daniel the gas chamber-surviving beagle has now found a home. New Jersey residents and dog lovers Joe and Geralynn Dwyer were the lucky couple to adopt the death-defying dog. Read on for more on how Daniel's acclimating with the Dwyer family. — Global Animal

NYC Carriage Horses Continue To Collapse (VIDEO)

(ANIMAL NEWS/TAKE ACTION) NEW YORK — Nearly three weeks ago, a carriage horse named Charlie suddenly died on the streets of New York City. Just days after, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg dismissed the issue, rejecting animal activists' calls to ban the city's horse-drawn carriages. Shockingly, two more NYC horses have fallen since Charlie's demise. How many carriage horses must collapse in the city streets before a ban is put into effect?

“Happy Feet Two” Taps Into The Environment

(MOVIE REVIEW)  Happy Feet Two follows Mumble's fluffy fledgeling son Erik as he tries to find his reason to dance. Staring Elijah Wood, Robin Williams, P!nk, and many more, Happy Feet Two illustrates our impact on the environment — without being in your face about it. Read on for the rest of the review ad to watch the trailer. — Global Animal

Danger: Swim At Your Own Risk!

(FISH ATTACK) BRAZIL — Tourists are getting a local welcome from the wildlife in Sao Paulo. Authorities reported that piranhas have bitten at least 15 swimmers at the Daveron beach on the Paraguay river, an area where the flesh-eating fish have not appeared before. Although they have a ferocious reputation, these attacks bring up the aspect of tourism and how visitors interact with the natural wildlife, sometimes with unfortunate outcomes. Read more about the recent piranha events in Brazil and how locals and tourists are responding. — Global Animal

Family Rescues Dog; Dog Rescues Family

(ANIMAL RESCUE) Last week Lee and Elizabeth Littler, fearing his impending euthanazation, adopted a malnourished Saint Bernard named Hercules. Offering themselves and their services as...

Almost The End Of Chimps As Medical Research

(ANIMAL RIGHTS) Exciting news! With pushes from major advocacy groups, such as the Humane Society and Jane Goodall Institute, medical research on chimpanzees could end within a year. Read on for perspectives on the issue and the future of medical research. — Global Animal 

Georgia Supreme Court To ‘Chew’ Over Alligator Attack

(ANIMAL LAW) GEORGIA — Four years ago while house-sitting her daughter's home in a Savannah suburb, Gwyneth Williams, 83, was discovered floating dead in the lagoon of the swampy Georgia community. The medical examiner's prognosis concluded that an alligator had ripped off Williams' forearms, hands and right foot. A local trapper later found and executed an eight-foot alligator only to find all of Williams' missing appendages within the carnivorous reptile. Read on for more details on whether the Georgia Supreme Court will rule in favor of the family or the HMO come the February court date. — Global Animal

Beached Whales Struggling For Life

(ANIMAL WELFARE) TASMANIA — Four whales are fighting for their lives in Tasmania, an island off Australia. Sixteen other sperm whales were recently beached and didn't survive because of conditions that prevented human aid attempts. Read on for what the West Coast Parks and Wildlife Service is attempting to do to save these beached whales. — Global Animal

The concert will feature performers Heart, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts among others. (CELEBRITIES/WHALES)

PETA vs. SeaWorld Could End Factory Farming

(ANIMAL RIGHTS) PETA's lawsuit against SeaWorld claims the captive orcas are in violation of the 13th amendment against slavery. But this lawsuit could mean more than just freedom for killer whales — it could bring about the end of factory farming. Read on to find out why. — Global Animal