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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Sumatran Tiger Triplets Make Debut in U.K. (GALLERY)

(BABY ANIMAL PICTURES) Earlier this week, the UK's Chester Zoo welcomed three baby Sumatran tiger cubs—a milestone for the species as only 400 Sumatran tigers remain in the wild. See below for more information and photos of the adorable triplets. — Global Animal

The Gotham bee is one of four new bee species found in New York City. Photo credit:

What’s The Buzz In NYC?

(BEE DISCOVERY) NEW YORK — The American Museum of Natural History announced that 11 new species of bees have been discovered, including 4 from New York City and the surrounding suburbs. Although the recent buzz has been about the decline in honeybee numbers, this new finding gives hope to the bee population and the fact that new animal species are frequently discovered. Read on about these new bee species, including the aptly named Gotham Bee from New York City. — Global Animal

Awesome Color-Changing Sea Creature

(OCEANS/ANIMAL DISCOVERY) This video of the vibrant cuttlefish has been popular since 2007, and we can see why. Check out this incredible creature and why it has an amazing color-changing body. — Global Animal

Truckers Transport Rescued Animals To Safety

(ANIMAL RESCUE) An unconventional network of animal lovers—truckers, pilots, animal rescue groups, and a mirage of other volunteers—has recently emerged with an admirable mission aiming to provide rescued animals with permanent homes. These volunteers transport rescued dogs, cats, bunnies, ferrets and occasionally a monitor lizard or pot-bellied pig to loving homes, no matter how far away. Read on to learn more about this noble initiative. — Global Animal

Turkeys Give Thanks For Karen Dawn

(ANIMAL RESCUE/VIDEO) For the past four years Karen Dawn has been inviting two turkeys to Thanksgiving dinner. These lucky turkeys won't be on the table, instead they'll be sitting at it. Read on and watch the video about Karen Dawn's heartwarming commitment to rescue turkeys each year. — Global Animal

Give Thanks For Animals: Donate To Shelters

(ANIMAL SHELTERS/TAKE ACTION) Not everyone can adopt a pet from a shelter, but that doesn't mean you can't help out shelter animals by donating old blankets and towels. Most animal shelters don't have enough money to buy comfort items like blankets and toys, so many animals suffer from exposure and stress. Read on to learn how you can help make the lives of these animals better. — Global Animal

Butterflies Wait For “The One”

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) Japanese scientists have discovered that copper butterflies simply close their wings to avoid unsought attention from males. Since these butterflies only mate once during their lifetime, persistent mating attempts can be problematic for females. Read on to learn more about this avoidance strategy. — Global Animal

Give Thanks For Animals: Volunteer At A Shelter

(ANIMAL SHELTERS/TAKE ACTION) You don't need a lot of money to help animals this holiday season. All you need to volunteer at an animal shelter is you! Read on to find out how you can help out a shelter near you. — Global Animal

Ukraine To Build Animal Shelters Before Euro 2012

(ANIMAL WELFARE) UKRAINE — In response to animal activists protests and petitions, Ukraine has finally put pressure on their city's mayors to bring an end to the country's mass killings of stray animals. By building animal shelters the country will provide future homes for strays to be adopted, rather than be slaughtered in the streets.. While this may just be a ploy to quiet animal activists as the Euro 2012 football championship approaches, the animal shelters will hopefully be the first of many stepping stones forward in Ukrainian animal advocacy. Read on for more on the country's work with Naturewatch, a British group campaigning against animal cruelty in Ukraine. — Global Animal

“The Muppets” Take Hollywood

(MOVIE REVIEW/PICTURES) It's been years since we've seen anything new from Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Fozzie Bear and the rest, but their new movie The Muppets, opening November 23, 2011, brings them back into the limelight. In true Disney fashion, The Muppets pulls out all the stops.. Read on for our review and for pictures from the premier. — Global Animal

Pet Literature For The Holidays

(PET LOVERS) Dearest animal lovers, are you looking for a good book to curl up to this holiday season? We know you'd love to read a tale inspired by animals — cats and dogs, to bea precise. Cat and dog literature spanning across genres, from White Fang to The Cat in the Hat, entertain adults and children alike. Below the list goes on and on. So grab a warm cup of cocoa, your furry companion, and a delightful read from these suggestions. We're sure it'll ease the frosty winter blues. — Global Animal

McDonald’s and Target Drop Egg Supplier

(ANIMAL CRUELTY) An undercover video released on Friday from the animal rights group Mercy For Animals, shows the torture and horrendous environment that hens and chicks are forced to live in at Sparboe Farms. In response, McDonalds and Target corporations have dropped the Minnesota based egg supplier, reassuring their customers that they demand humane treatment of animals from their suppliers. — Global Animal


Lovely Owl Goes Viral

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Move over dogs and cats, a new species is taking over the internet and it's not Harry Potter's Hedwig. With over 3.5 million views, the YouTube video "Lovely Owl" has become a viral sensation. Posted on November 12, 2011, the video has made it to number 2 on the Top 20 list according to Viral Video Chart, and is the only animal video to make it onto the viral list that is largely dominated by music videos. — Global Animal

Endangered Rare Kiwi Bird Survives!

 (ANIMAL NEWS) NEW ZEALAND — A rare, endangered, white Kiwi Bird named Manukura survived her surgery and returned safely home to the Wellington Zoo. No, she is albino, just born without color. We're glad she's healthy! — Global Animal