(ANIMAL SHELTERS/TAKE ACTION) Not everyone can adopt a pet from a shelter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help out shelter animals by donating old blankets and towels. Most animal shelters don’t have enough money to buy comfort items like blankets and toys, so many animals suffer from exposure and stress. Read on to learn how you can help make the lives of these animals better. — Global Animal
A blanket can make a shelter animal feel both warm and protected. Photo Credit: Beingfullypresent.com

eHow, Melissa Maroff

Most pets that arrive at shelters and rescues are frightened in their new surroundings…and sadly, many are forced to sit and sleep on hard cement floors and go without warmth during cold weather, since shelters and rescues don’t normally have the budget to supply soft, warm bedding.

The Compassion Action Institute in New York City did a study and determined that shelter animals given blankets and comforters feel more relaxed, happy and secure in their surroundings…and of course, being more comfortable increases their chances of being adopted.

Shelters can go through thousands of blankets and towels each month and depend on donations from the public–so here is where you come in. Read on for some ways to make homeless pets more comfortable–and help save lives!


Difficulty:  Easy


  • Gather up any extra blankets, towels, sheets and pet beds in decent condition that you are no longer using and drop them off at a local animal shelter or rescue. Certain city and county shelters may not accept pet beds, but can normally use blankets and towels.
  • Find out if there is a local blanket drive going on in your area and donate to the cause. There will usually be drop-off locations such as local pet supply stores. Ask any friends, relatives and neighbors if they have items to donate and gather them all together.

  • Check online to see if there is an organization in your area that is specifically dedicated to collecting blankets and other pet bedding for local shelters and rescues. In the Los Angeles area, for instance, there is an organization called “Operation Blankets of Love” (see Resources below) that collects blankets, towels and other linens for shelters and rescues throughout Southern California.

  • If you have children, run a youth group or teach young children, suggest they organize a community blanket drive and collect blankets, comforters, sheets and towels for local animal shelters and rescues. It’s fun for kids–and a very rewarding project.



Tips & Warnings

  • You can buy inexpensive blankets, sheets and towels at thrift stores and wholesale clubs that you can donate. Thrift stores sell used items and wholesale clubs such as COSTCO sell in larger quantities, making prices more affordable.

  • Many shelters and rescues have outdoor kennels. Those animals are in need of blankets the most…especially during cold weather!



More eHow: http://www.ehow.com/how_4748486_donate-blankets-towels-animal-shelters.html#ixzz1dA4Efnnj





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