(ANIMAL NEWS) NEW ZEALAND — A rare, endangered, white Kiwi Bird named Manukura survived her surgery last week and returned safely home to the Wellington Zoo. No, she is not albino, just born without color. We’re glad she’s healthy! — Global Animal


An endangered, rare, white Kiwi Bird survived her surgery. Photo credit: animaltracks.today.msnbc.msn.com

Animal Tracks

Talk about a rare bird: The Pukaha Mount Bruce National Wildlife Center in New Zealand released this photo Nov. 11 showing Manukura, a rare white kiwi, after she returned home from surgery at the Wellington Zoo. She is now on display in the Kiwi House, according the European Press Agency.

Manukura is not an albino: she is actually a North Island Brown Kiwi who was born without a color gene, making her a mottled white. The bird – whose name means “chiefly” in Maori, the language of Polynesian people indigenous to New Zealand – had surgery to remove an excessively large stone she had swallowed along with some gravel to aid her digestion.

Kiwis are nocturnal, so Manukura will live in an an enclosure that’s dark during the day and illuminated at night so visitors can see her during the daytime. 

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