New Baby Giraffe Born In Israel (GALLERY)

Giraffe born at Israeli zoo. Photo credit:

(ANIMAL NEWS) ISRAEL — This past week a beautiful, healthy baby giraffe was born in Israel. Congrats to the new mom! — Global Animal

Giraffe born at Israeli zoo. Photo credit:

After a difficult but ultimately successful labor, one of the giraffes at the Ramat Gan Safari, a 250-acre safari park near Tel Aviv, Israel, gave birth to a healthy calf.

Veterinary staff stepped in to help when they noticed the labor had stalled. Fortunately, there was a happy result and the newborn was standing on his own within an hour.

Giraffes at the park are traditionally given names starting with “D”; the mother giraffe’s name, for instance, is Dikla. The public is being asked to suggest “D” names for the new calf.

Mother and new baby giraffe at Israel zoo. Photo credit:

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