(ANIMAL RESCUE) Last week Lee and Elizabeth Littler, fearing his impending euthanazation, adopted a malnourished Saint Bernard named Hercules. Offering themselves and their services as pet foster parents to the 135-pound pooch, the couple never expected the service ol’ Hercules would be lending them just six hours later. As the couple prepared to take Hercules for a walk, the mellowed dog suddenly began growling for the first time. Then, the dog they had known for only six hours, took off towards the back porch where he discovered an intruder attempting to break in through the basement door. Hercules followed the man towards the fence where the Saint Bernard grabbed him by the ankle, but was unable to prevent the home invader from escaping. Suffice to say, the Littler’s residence is no longer a temporary home for Hercules—he’s earned his spot at the end of their bed. — Global Animal
Six hours after adopting him, Hercules saved his new owners from a home invasion. Photo credit: blogs.discovery.com

ABC News, Ron Claiborne

Here’s a story about a dog named Hercules who saved his family the very day he became apart of it.

“We had named him Hercules when we had first gotten him,” said owner Lee Littler. “The reason for that was his overall size and what he had already been through.”

Hercules was rescued from the county pound by Lee and Elizabeth Littler, dog lovers who feared he would be put down if he wasn’t adopted soon.

“When I saw Hercules for the first time, I fell in love with him,” said Elizabeth. “He’s 75 percent underweight and just, he looked awfully beat up.”

Lee said he wanted to “find him a good home, anything to keep him from being euthanized.”

Just a few short hours after the Littler’s brought him home, it was Hercules who was doing the rescuing.

“I opened the inside door and he started growling. It was really unusual because he hadn’t barked, growled or made any noises up until that point. Next thing I know, he’s ripping free of my hand and going through the screen door, onto the back porch,” said Lee.

What grabbed his attention?

An intruder trying to get into the house through a basement door.

Lee said Hercules “jumped from the porch, to the other side of the basement, following this guy who was going towards the fence. When he got to the fence Hercules had grabbed him by the ankle trying to pull him into the back yard.”

Hercules has certainly earned his rewards.

A nice bone, a spot on the bed and a permanent home.

“To have adopted a dog 6 hours before the incident and have him already defending you with that resolve, it’s amazing. If you show care and affection to your animals, they will return it,” said Lee.

Police have not yet found the man that Hercules chased away.