Friend Or Foe: Rare Animal Pairings (PHOTO GALLERY)

Chicks perch on a Siamese-snowshoe cat, who keeps the little ones in a line with her nose, and a pit bull, who is a loving father figure to many animals on their Texas farm. Photo Credit: Today News
(FUNNY ANIMAL PHOTOS) Ever wondered about peculiar animal comradery? Well, the book Unlikely Friendships: 47 Remarkable Stories from the Animal Kingdom, by Jennifer Holland, may help you understand the phenomenon. Holland explores animal relationships through 47 stories of inter species bonding, asking why foes can potentially become friends. Read on for more regarding the animal stories and what is the potential cause of their companionship. Do animals’ instincts drive them together? — Global Animal

Today News

An orphaned rhesus monkey and white dove that seemed to have lost its mate forged a special bond at the Neilingding Island-Futian National Nature Reserve in China. The monkey was born on the island but had strayed from its mother. Luckily, it was taken in by work staff in the protection center and became friends with the pigeon that had lingered there after possibly losing its mate. Photo Credit: Today News