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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Swimming For Two: The Pregnant Dolphin Blues

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) After years of research, Shawn Noren from the Institute of Marine Science at the University of California, Santa Cruz has shared with the world her discoveries on how pregnancy affects female dolphins. To name a few of the prenatal byproducts, mother's swim speed is nearly cut in half while their frontal surface area grows over 50%. Read on for more on how pregnancy affects soon-to-be dolphin mothers. — Global Animal

Changing The World One Dog At A Time

(ANIMAL RESCUE) Aimee Ryding describes herself as a 'normal person' who is just trying to make a difference—yet she has proven what a difference one person can really make. Over a year ago, Ryding established a non-profit animal rescue organization that has saved over 400 dogs from kill shelters. The organization, dubbed 'Because of Mandy,' operates solely on a volunteer basis, with food and medicine funded through donations, fundraisers, and adoption fees. Read on to learn more about this admirable cause. — Global Animal

Australia’s Creating The Largest Marine Reserve In The World

(MARINE LIFE) AUSTRALIA — Preserving Australia's marine life has begun with a proposed Marine Reserve spanning the length of France and Britain combined. Although this is a victory, it is just the beginning of what needs to happen to save the vast amount of underwater creatures in Australia's waters, claims an environmental campaign group. Read on for more about the reserve. — Global Animal

Grizzly Bears Will Stay Protected

(ENDANGERED SPECIES) A small victory for grizzly bears in the Rocky Mountains: they will stay on the endangered species list! Read on for why the United States Court of Appeals believes the Fish and Wildlife Service acted too prematurely when taking them off the list in 2007. — Global Animal

Beam of Light Halos Fallen Soldier’s Pup (NOT Photoshopped!)

(ANIMAL CONNECTION) NEW HAMPSHIRE — In this incredible story, a guardian's connection with his pet seems to go deeper then we think, and makes us question life after death. Hero was rescued by Justin Rollin in Iraq, and only one day after he found her, he was killed. The puppy was brought to his family and in an incredible photo shoot a beam of light halos the pup. Read on for reporter Kimberly Launier's amazing experience. — Global Animal

Willie Nelson Fights Against Canine Profiling

(ANIMAL RIGHTS) Singer-songwriter Willie Nelson has been wearing his activist hat as of late. Last week, Nelson spoke out in favor of Ohio House Bill 14, which would remove a law that declares certain breeds vicious, i.e., canine profiling. Nelson, a long time dog lover and animal rights activist, published a letter asking Ohio residents in support of the bill to contact their state senators, as it already passed in the House of Representatives. Read on for more from Nelson and the rest of the Rolling Stone piece. And to all the Global Animals out in Ohio, please help in getting this bill passed. — Global Animal

New Text Message From: Lions?

(LION RESEARCH) KENYA — Who’s in your cellular network? African lions, apparently. Kenyan conservationists have improved the collaring system for lions by upgrading them to new GPS collars that send an automated text message via wireless networks to researchers who can then pinpoint the animals' exact location. Although the new system is costly, it is far more detailed and efficient in helping to protect lion populations whose numbers have suffered drastically in recent years. Read more on the innovative research system and how it is helping a species in need. — Global Animal

Ringling Parent Co. And USDA Reach Settlement

(ANIMAL WELFARE) VIENNA, VA — Feld Entertainment Inc. and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) have agreed upon a settlement of $270,000 following the owner of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey's five years of non-compliance to over two dozen USDA violations. The settlement is the largest penalty assessed under the Animal Welfare Act to date and can hopefully lead to changes within the traveling circus industry. Read on for more on the settlement and Feld's progressive plans for the future. — Global Animal

Elephants vs. Bees: Size Doesn’t Matter

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) KENYA — How does a Kenyan farmer keep an 8 ton African elephant from making a meal of his crops?  The newly discovered means is quite the buzz.  Honey bee nests are connected by wires surrounding the fields.  When the elephant disturbs the wires, bees emerge to swarm the perpetrator.  With a memory comparable to ours, the elephant then avoids hives by all means.  Farmers can protect their crops while also providing themselves with a second means for profit.  This natural way of supporting human development is a step toward peaceful interactions with people and nature. — Global Animal

Meat-Free Monday: Vegan Cornbread Recipe

(VEGAN RECIPE) It's hard to beat a slice of mom's home-made skillet cornbread, so for this week's Meat Free Monday challenge we've got a vegan cornbread recipe for you to try. Here's a flavorful, fluffy, and best of all moist vegan cornbread. Happy eating! — Global Animal

Study On Starlings Shows Less Is More

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) A recent study conducted by the University of Oxford demonstrates how in certain instances European starlings make better choices when they have less information. The research focuses on irrational behavior and aims to identify the decision processes used by animals and humans. Read on to learn more about this fascinating study. — Global Animal

Beagles Rescued From Spain (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL RESCUE) Thanks to the Beagle Freedom Project, forty beagles were saved from an animal testing lab in Spain last week. The dogs were reportedly used for human drug research and had never seen the light of day prior to being saved. Many are in need of medical care, while others are still awaiting adoption. See below for more on this triumphant rescue story and photos of the fortunate pups. — Global Animal

Loyal Dog Refuses To Leave Caretaker’s Grave (VIDEO)

(LOYAL DOG VIDEO) Villagers in Panjiatun, China encountered an extreme act of loyalty when they noticed a dog safeguarding the gravesite of late caretaker, Lao Pan, who died earlier this month. Even after seven days without food, the furry friend refused to leave the grave. Villagers have been bringing the dog food and water, and are also planning to build a kennel at the gravesite for the faithful pooch to sleep in. See below for a video clip on this extremely loyal companion. — Global Animal

Mystery Surrounds Baby Gorilla’s Death

(ENDANGERED ANIMALS) CHICAGO — On Friday a nine-day-old endangered western lowland gorilla died at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. A necropsy, equivalent to a human autopsy, showed the death occurred from head trauma. Zoo authorities have yet to understand how the infant did but possibilities include injury from an attack of other gorillas or from the first-time mother accidentally sitting on her. Both in the wild and in captivity infant gorillas are sometimes injured or killed by environmental factors—a saddening truth about many wild animals. Read on for more on this story. — Global Anim