(COMPASSIONATE LIVING) Mercy For Animals is launching a new campaign urging viewers to go vegan. The commercials are aimed at a younger audience with a powerful message portraying the horrors of factory farming. Read on for examples of the images the ads will include. 


Mercy For Animals Launches MTV Ad Campaign. Photo credit: vegnews.com

VegNews, Hilary Pollack

Animal-welfare group Mercy For Animals has debuted a new campaign, geared at showing young people the benefits of vegetarianism and the cruelty of factory farming. The powerful new commercials, which will air on MTV and other cable channels, feature imagery and videos from MFA’s undercover investigations, revealing the horrors that animals endure before ending up on dinner plates. In one, a woman ordering a cheeseburger at a fast-food restaurant sees blood gushing from the bag and a flash of animals crammed in filthy cages; in another, blood drips from a high-school student’s tray as he grabs chicken nuggets in the lunch line. Former MTV news correspondent John Norris and comedian Steve-O, both vegans, also make appearances in the ads, which will reach the TV screens of millions of young people.

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