Ryan Holley reunites with his dog after the tornado because of Have a Heart.

Samantha Ellis, Global Animal

Thanks to our concerned readers, animals in the Southern United States affected by the tornadoes in April received food, microchips, and medical care. Global Animals donated $4,700 to several organizations to aid the rescue and treatment of pets and animals in the devastated areas. We received a wonderful update from Allison Graves of the Have a Heart Animal Rescue and Adoption foundation about how they used those donations to help the animals in Alabama.

Allison Graves told us that Have a Heart Animal Rescue and Adoption foundation purchased $800 of livestock feed, which turned out to equal three tons of food. Allison told us it’s “crazy how much feed that is.” They also paid $200 to $500 to many vets who had been treating animals from the tornadoes for free. They donated money to specific animals needing special treatment for injuries, and continue to work with vets on things the animals need, including flea medication.

Have a Heart purchased 275 microchips and two scanners for the much reduced price of $5 a microchip and $200 a scanner, totaling $1,900 with tax, from Petfinder. These microchips will be used to microchip any pet affected by the storms for free.

“We are really excited about the microchipping.” Allison wrote. “We will be microchipping animals affected by the storms for FREE. You helped me realize that I am on a mission to help reunite pets with owners for future. Not only will we do this free chipping for those affected by the storms where their animals went missing, we will hold microchipping clinics in the future to be able to continue this mission. We will raise money by microchipping other pets in the community and charging a small fee so we can use that money to buy even more microchips so that so many animals are not displaced like they currently are… THANK YOU FOR HELPING US be able to start this program. We are still trying to work out the details but once we receive the chips, we will be contacting those that used the Facebook page to reunite with their pets to start with our FREE microchipping efforts. ALL thanks to Global Animal.”

Without the help of concerned Global Animals, Have a Heart would not have been able to make a difference and help the animals affected by the storms in the South. Thank you.

For more information about Have a Heart, check out their website at http://haveaheartanimalrescue.com.

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