(BABY DOLPHIN RESCUE) – Global Animal interviewed Richard Tesore, the head of SOS Rescate de Fauna Marina, last night to learn more about the newborn dolphin found beached in Uruguay.

Richard Tesore, head of SOS Rescate de Fauna Marina, holding the newborn baby dolphin. Photo credit: Reuters

According to Tesore, the baby dolphin was found near death on the Punta Colorada beach, and SOS was called in to transport and take over care of the newborn. Although Tesore says that the dolphin is currently in stable condition at the SOS Rescate de Fauna Marina rehabilitation center, he is unsure whether she will survive. Last week another baby dolphin washed up on the shore and did not live. 

Tesore told us that the ideal situation would be for SOS to rehabilitate the dolphin, and release her back into the wild. “In order to rehabilitate, they must keep [the dolphin] for two years and then set her free,” Tesore stated.

How the mother and baby were separated is still unknown. The fact that the baby was found with her umbilical cord still intact does not bode well since mammals usually eat the umbilical cord of their newborn, suggesting that something might have happened to the mother during birth. 

The 7-day-old baby dolphin is currently unnamed. — Global Animal




  1. This little dolphin has been on my mind in a BIG WAY for the last 2 days! I want so much for her to survive! Thank you for the update. I will continue to keep her and Mr. Tesore and the SOS team in my thoughts.

    For the record, I think they should name her “Hope”