(CELEBRITY ANIMAL ACTIVIST) Steve Jobs is being remembered around the world following his death last week. Besides pioneering in the world of cutting-edge technology, Jobs is perhaps less well known for advocating animal and environmental conservation through the Apple corporation and its affiliates. Read on for tributes paid to the 20th-century visionary by PETA and other conservation organizations. — Global Animal
Steve Jobs, 1955-2011. Photo credit: conversantlife.com

Huffington Post

Steve Jobs may be remembered most for his innovations in technology, but PETA and other green groups will also remember the Apple co-founder for his kindness to animals and efforts to help the environment.

Jobs, 56, passed away Wednesday after an extended battle with cancer. 

The animal rights organization praised Jobs for his vegetarianism and his support of animals through the “Pixar film studio [that] created heartwarming and thought-provoking movies about unlikely animal heroes.”

PETA also celebrated Jobs for playing a role in Disney’s 2006 decision not to renew its Happy Meal toy deal with McDonald’s.

They said of Jobs, “If his movies or his lifestyle inspired even one person to become a vegetarian, he no doubt saved hundreds of animals’ lives, and for that we thank him.”

Steve Jobs may also be remembered for his efforts to improve Apple’s environmental image. Earlier this year, Apple was criticized in China for allegedly “turning a blind eye as its suppliers pollute the country.”

According to VatorNews, despite the criticism and the fact that “Apple could have had greener policies from the beginning … the extent to which Apple literally cleaned up its act is what really commands respect.”

Honoring the greener moments in Jobs’ career with Apple, TreeHugger praised him for withdrawing Apple from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce because of the organization’s climate change denial.

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