GLOBAL ANIMAL EXCLUSIVE, by Madison Rootenberg

Global Animal just received news that shopping center developer Macerich is banning sales of live animals in more than 70 malls across the US. This new humane policy designed to break the puppy mill business chain is taking effect nationwide within 30 days. Macerich confirmed that they will not renew the leases of existing pet stores that sell animals and in their place, are opening humane stores offering adoptions of rescued pets.

Some of the high profile shopping malls include Los Angeles’ Westside Pavilion, which is opening a rescue store this month in association with the nonprofit Friends of LA Shelters, Scottsdale’s Fashion Square, Chesterfield Towne Center in Richmond, Virginia, and Santa Monica Place. 

Jennifer Peterson with a menagerie of dogs. Photo credit: J. Peterson

The mall developer’s pet sale ban was a year in the making and in large part, is the result of the efforts of film producer and animal activist, Jennifer Peterson. Hers is a story of how a personal experience can illuminate one’s calling and be a beacon for larger change.

Ms. Peterson grew up in Los Angeles adopting animals and surrounded herself with likeminded rescuers. When a close friend purchased a “designer” dog from BarkWorks pet store in Westside Pavilion, the animal lover became an animal activist. 

“I had a gut feeling it was bad,” Peterson explains. The pet store dog became sick within a week of purchase, and Jennifer began to suspect a puppy mill connection. Jennifer Peterson contacted BarkWorks and according to Peterson, the pet store refused to take any responsibility for the sick pup.

Peterson began researching puppy mills and how the industry supplies pet stores with dogs who endure horrific conditions. She started a Facebook page called “Boycott BarkWorks,” where people could post their experiences and reactions. The page developed into a place to protest puppy mills and stores like BarkWorks that sell bred animals. 

Jennifer reached out to her friend Randy Brant, who is Macerich’s VP of Leasing. Brant and others at Macerich knew little about puppy mills and were appalled by what Jennifer Peterson had shared. 

“I thought if I talked to him about how terrible it is, maybe there was a chance they might go humane,” Peterson said. She contacted all 74 Macerich shopping centers to find out how many pet stores offered rescued animals for adoption versus those with dogs bred for sale. The numbers were disheartening for any animal lover. 

Jennifer Peterson, Randy Brant and his wife, Dahli, worked for a year to help Macerich develop the companywide pet sale ban in their malls. 

“Communities love and support adoption. We are hoping this starts a domino effect with other mall leasing companies across the country. Let’s get these shops out of business,” said Peterson. 

Macerich is proud of their trailblazing pet sale ban and hope to demonstrate that animal welfare is good business. Encouraged  by this landmark policy change, Peterson is redoubling her efforts to shut down the entire puppy mill industry. She’s certain it can happen by “ordinary” people getting involved. 

“If you see a pet store, write a letter. Complain. Find out who the leasing company is and let them know about puppy mills. Get involved and reach out to who you know. I did something about it and I’m not special. Two years ago I had never even been to a protest. People can do it.” 

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  1. This makes me happy! There's one store in my entire county that sells animals. They're going under now as more and more people have been making it clear that we don't like it. The others all have adoption space for rescues.

  2. This is so much progress. I am so HAPPY TO SEE this is going to take place. We need to stay strong and keep our voice loud and alive. We need to continue this for the animals. This has to stop and we have to speak for the animals. Im so happy , next we need all malls and local stores to stop nation wide from selling animals.

    So many animals need to be adopted and so many are being put down because people want to buy from stores, meanwhile there supporting puppymills/breeders. Change is happening ! and hopefully will continue. GREAT JOB EVERYONE !

  3. You are an animal “HERO”…Thank God someone has taken a stand. My heart breaks when I go into any pet store. A friend of our bought a puppy about 2 yrs ago from Arrowhead Mall in Arizona. The dog was sick from onset and continued to have serious problems. HORRID….They all need to be locked up. Myself…we’ve had to WONDERFUL dogs…A Golden Retriever that lived till 15 who came from a animal shelter and now a wonder Lab whom we adopted. There are SO MANY unwanted/mistreated animals out there for all…CLOSE THE PET SHOPS….Good luck and Keep it up…and THANK YOU

  4. Every day “rescues” cram hundreds of dogs into enclosed cargo trailers stack in crates and transport these poor dogs with no food/no water, with no potty breaks forcing them to urinated and defecate in their crates, for hundreds of miles often times arriving with these poor dogs covered in feces and urine only to SELL them under the guise of “adoption” for several hundreds dollars to the unsuspecting public. Many times these dogs are transported illegally by these so called “rescues” and are sick and spread are spreading diseases across the US as they are transported. Many dogs die because of these tranportation practices.

    Not only do these animals have diseases and other health issues but they also have behavior issues. Many times the new owners are unable to cope with the problems that come with these dogs and many of them are returned time and time again and shipped from rescue to rescue only to be adopted and returned time and time again. This is a cruel cruel business and actually is MUCH worse then any puppy mill–the New PUPPY MILLS of the 21 Century are these kind of RESCUES. Please research before you adopt!