Jedi Kittens Square Off

The two cats with their lightsabers. Photo Credit: Zach King

(STAR WARS/CATS) Ever wonder what your cats do after you leave? How about pretending to be their favorite Star Wars characters? Read on to learn more about the “Jedi Kittens” and be sure to check out the two videos below! — Global Animal

The two cats with their lightsabers. Photo Credit: Zach King

CNN, Geek Out!

Why “Jedi Kittens?”

The better question, for Portland, Oregon resident Zach King, is “why not?”

“A buddy of mine had recently adopted these two new kittens, and we were talking about how sweet it would be if they could duel with lightsabers,” King said. “So we shot the video that night. We knew there was nothing on YouTube like that, and we uploaded it that morning. Within a week and a half we had over a million hits, we were shocked. We knew we had the audience to make a second one.”

The 16 second video – which has made enough “Star Wars” fans (and cat lovers) squee since it was posted on August 25 to get over a million page views – has indeed spawned a sequel, “Jedi Kittens Strike Back.”

King – who plays the part of the kittens’ annoyed owner in the videos – took some time away from planning what’s sure to be the third of a trilogy to talk more to CNN Geek Out about the web phenomenon.

CNN: So the first “Jedi Kittens” video clearly wasn’t enough.

King: We decided we should make a second one, maybe make a three-part series or something like that. We did the second one and it got a million views within the first three days. And we were like, this is awesome!

CNN: How big of a “Star Wars” nerd are you?

King: I’m just a regular fan, but George Lucas really did have an impact on me on filmmaking. I remember watching his movies growing up and thinking, “I wanna make movies like that!” And in a way I am, with “Jedi Kittens.” It’s kinda funny.

CNN: How much work went into these videos?

King: The first video took seven or eight hours with shooting. The second video took about 24 hours to do. I created the props from scratch with cardboard, and shot the video in a few hours, and then the rest of the time was spent doing visual effects.

CNN: What’s next for “Jedi Kittens?”

King: I can’t promise when it will be out, but I know that “Jedi Kittens” definitely has an epic conclusion coming soon, and I think people are really gonna enjoy it.

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