(PANDA CUBS/VIDEO) CHINA — Panda enthusiasts squeezed into the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding and Research Center to attend the public revealing of 12 baby giant pandas born last year.  The birth of these cute bundles of fur provide a boost to the dwindling population of giant pandas who have inched closer to extinction for the past few decades.  Watch the video here. — Global Animal
Twelve baby pandas, shown here, were recently revealed to the public for the first time in China.

The Sun, Ellie Ross

Meet the 12 baby giant panda cubs as they make their first public appearance since their birth.  The fluffy babies were asleep in a shared cot at the panda bear sanctuary where they were born earlier this year.  Their arrivals have meant a boost to the threatened numbers of the black-and-white bears endangered by deforestation in their native China.  The Chengdu Research base in Sichuan started with just six pandas in 1987 and now has 108.

The centre also breeds red pandas and golden monkeys. Over the past years the research centre has worked with other countries including Japan, the US and Spain to develop research projects into baby panda breeding.


Video from CNN:


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