(PET ADOPTION) FLORIDA — Harper the puppy was rescued after being found discarded in a garbage bag. The gray pit bull puppy has a handicap that even the shelter volunteers thought she wouldn’t overcome, but to everyone’s delight, Harper is a happy young dog who knows how to triumph over adversity. Read on and see the video about Harper, the little pit who’s inspiring people to consider pet adoption. This gal is a poster child for the hidden rewards of adopting a special needs pet, or better yet, a special needs pit! — Global Animal

Harper, a happy pit bull puppy with a new lease on life. Photo credit: today.msnbc.msn.com
Harper, a happy pit bull puppy with a new lease on life. Photo credit: today.msnbc.msn.com

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Just a few weeks ago, Harper the puppy was in a garbage bag. A woman in Sanford, Fla. noticed the pup’s squirming, rescued her and turned her over to the local animal shelter, but the prognosis wasn’t good: Harper was born with “swimmer puppy disorder,” a usually fatal condition that prevented her from walking or even holding her head up.

Even Erica Daniel, a regular at the shelter, thought Harper would have to be euthanized when she took the dog home with her for what she thought would be one final day of tender loving care. She was surprised when Harper responded to massage, and today, after free hydrotherapy and massage donated by Hip Dog Canine Hydrotherapy & Fitness in Winter Park, Fla., Harper visited TODAY along with Erica.

The plucky gray pit bull pup still struggles a little with standing, but that didn’t stop her from carefully inspecting all the interesting sights and smells in Studio 1A, including Matt’s shoelaces — or from melting the hearts of everyone she encountered. That includes TODAY viewers, many of whom probably want to offer Harper a home. As it happens, she already has one — but plenty of other pit bull terriers, many of them neglected and abused, do not. That’s why Harper’s rescuer, Erica Daniel, urges interested viewers to visit Dolly’s Foundation, where they will finding many more dogs looking for loving homes. Thanks for the tip, Erica — and Harper!

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