(ANIMAL INTELLIGENCE) Not that this is going to end any arguments between cat and dog lovers, but it does give the canine crowd a bit more ammunition! Read how dogs are, gulp, smarter than cats. – Global Animal


It’s a question pet owners have argued over since we began domesticating our furry friends: Which animal is smarter, the dog or the cat? A study last year said that dogs were the clear winners due to their problem solving ability — dogs figured out how to pull a string to get a treat, even when faced with two strings, while cats didn’t quite understand the concept, according to Live Science. And now, a new study on brain size and social behavior appears to confirm those findings, reports the (U.K.) Telegraph.

The study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and led by Dr. Susanne Shultz of Oxford University, looked at the history of the brain in different groups of mammals, and the results showed that the more social an animal is, the larger the brain.

Dr. Shultz, told the Telegraph: “Dogs have always been regarded as the more social animals while cats like to get on with their own thing alone. But it appears that interaction is good for the brain and extends to other species, like ourselves.”

Monkeys’ brains grew the most over time, reports the Telegraph, with horses, dolphins, camels and dogs rounding out the top five, while animals that tend to be more solitary had slower evolutionary brain grown. This suggests that animals living in stable groups need a greater thinking capacity.

Considering it’s been shown that some dogs are smarter than human toddlers, we can’t say we’re terribly shocked at the results of this study. But cat owners shouldn’t feel bad. Even if their pet isn’t quite as sharp, the owners themselves tend to be more educated than folks with dogs.

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