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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Dozens Die in NJ Zoo’s Second Fire

(ZOO FIRE) NEW JERSEY — Back in April, Bordentown, New Jersey's Bridget's Animal Kingdom (private zoo and pet store) tragically lost its co-owner and namesake in a cabin fire. Six months after the loss of his wife, owner Burton Sipp, while in Phoenix, discovered that his zoo was once again up in flames. Although there were no human casualties this time, during a rescue attempt a mother giraffe and her three-week-old calf were crushed by a collapsing wall. A room full of exotic birds, three dogs and four cats also perished in the fire. Read on for more on this developing tragedy. — Global Animal

Spooky New Species (GALLERY)

(HALLOWEEN PHOTO GALLERY) What better way to celebrate Halloween than munching on your candy stash while looking through pictures of the spookiest new animal species discovered this year? Scroll through for photos of creatures that go bump in the night. — Global Animal

Halloween Pet Costume Contest Winner!

(PET PHOTO CONTEST) The votes are in for our Halloween Pet Costume Photo contest! Check out all the entries in Halloween Pet Costume Contest: Vote for your favorites album at our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/GlobalAnimal) . And the winner of the Halloween Pet Costume Contest is... — Global Animal

MTV Ads Portray “Real World” Of Factory Farms

(COMPASSIONATE LIVING) Mercy For Animals is launching a new ad campaign on MTV urging viewers to go vegan. The commercials are aimed at a younger audience with a powerful message portraying the horrors of factory farming. Read on for examples of the images the ads will include. 

Werewolf, Or Coywolf?

(WOLF/COYOTE) North American wolves are disappearing as a new hybrid takes its place — the coywolf. A genetic mix of the coyote and wolf, these hybrids have become more prevalent as coyote populations have increased and migrated east due to the human impact on North American ecosystems. Read on about how this werewolf-esque hybrid might mean bad news for the true wolf populations. — Global Animal

Spooky Puppies!

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Watch – and listen – only if you dare: Here are the puppies who live in that haunted dog house with the cobwebs down the street. Terrifying! — Global Animal

Bieber, Gomez Show Some Puppy Love

(PET ADOPTION) CANADA — While on tour in Canada, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber took the puppy plunge – and signed adoption papers to rescue a dog in need. The superstar teen couple, known for being animal lovers, visited a Winnipeg animal shelter and decided to adopt a husky mix puppy. Read on for more on this adorable adoption and Selena's love of rescuing animals. — Global Animal

Scientist Connects Toxins To Increased Seal Mortality

(MARINE SCIENCE) NEW ENGLAND — Since September 1st, 128 dead seals have washed ashore the New England coast. These seal carcasses are some of the most contaminated in the world. Read on about the toxin tests needed to confirm the sea mammal's already 'sealed' fate. — Global Animal

Doctor Dog Helps Diabetic Toddler

(THERAPY DOG/VIDEO) While there have been several instances of dogs finding illness in their guardians, some dogs have actually been trained to help type 1 diabetics detect changes in blood sugar. Ruby, a Diabetic Alert Dog, has been helping three-year-old Faith Wilson and her family manage Faith's diabetes since she was 18 months-old. Read on about the incredible difference Ruby has made in Faith's life.  — Global Animal

U.S. Court Turns Blind Eye To Circus Abuse

(CIRCUS ELEPHANTS) While Global Animals around the world have taken a stance against circus animal abuse, a recent federal court ruling has turned a blind eye to the lives of circus animals. The U.S. Court of Appeals again dismissed a lawsuit brought by animal activists against Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus for mistreatment of elephants. Circus representatives claim that the devices used to control elephants, such as bullhooks and chains, are necessary to protect the public.  Read on to learn more on the court's decision. — Global Animal

Pythons Bless ‘Our’ Hearts With Unique Ability

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) BOULDER, CO — For the past six years scientists at the University of Colorado, Boulder have been researching the python's ability to double the size of their organs when digesting larger animals. The goal of the research is to potentially produce a snake oil that may help humans fight heart disease just as Gila monster saliva aided in developing Byetta, a Diabetes drug. Read on for more on the research being done and past lab breakthroughs. — Global Animal

Are Hawaiian Cockfighters Saving Birds?

(POLITICS) — Horrific animal irony as its best: investigations by Human Society Legislative Fund president Michael Markarian show evidence that prominent cockfighters in the city have been hired over the last nine years to respond to animal control complaints on fouls.  City officials have gone so far as to declare cockfighters most suitable for the job because of their history around the birds. The HSLF is pressing Honolulu city government to end the contract allowing cockfighters to handle the creatures they so brutally harm. Read on to learn more. — Global Animal

Heads Up! Woodpeckers Advance Human Headgear

(BIRD SCIENCE) Nature seems to exist in a perfect design. Through study, humans can adapt our inventions to replicate what has developed organically — this time, with headgear. Chinese researchers recently hypothesized that the skull structure of woodpeckers can be molded into protective helmets for people. Read on to learn more about the important features of woodpeckers' skulls and how we can benefit. — Global Animal

Shark Finning Photos Reveal Extreme Reality

(SHARK FINNING) TAIWAN — A recent investigation allowed Pew Environmental Group to gather shocking images of the Chinese shark fin industry in action. The photos reveal the process of the shark fin market from the boat to the processing plant with all showing a grueling display of cruelty to sharks.  Taiwan Fisheries Agency signed a ban on shark finning beginning next year. However, the irony of the ban allows sharks to still be hunted, yet fishermen are required to return to land with sharks' fins intact.  Too small a step toward ending this inhumane act? You decide. — Global Animal