New pictures from Libya's Tripoli Zoo tell the inspiring story of animal advocacy in action. A thirsty lion at the Tripoli Zoo takes a drink from a caretaker as part of the ongoing care sponsored by nonprofit animal welfare organizations. Photo credit: IFAW

Please join us in celebrating this extraordinary success at the Tripoli Zoo in Libya.

Global Animal readers have been donating to the feeding and care of the animals at the Tripoli Zoo who were abandoned during Libya’s recent conflict. Today, Global Animal Foundation sent $6,000 in donations to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) to help pay for food, water, and medical care for the animal residents at Tripoli Zoo.

Thanks to animal lovers worldwide who rallied to get help to the abandoned zoo animals, as well as the swift action of animal welfare organizations like IFAW, the zoo’s animals are all now receiving daily care. What a gratifying example of what can be done when people take action on behalf of animals in crisis. 

The zoo is adjacent to Gadhafi’s former compound of Bab al-Aziziya in the heart of Tripoli. Fearing for their own lives, most zoo staff fled the area, leaving the animals to fend for themselves. 

Lunchtime for a tortoise at Libya's Tripoli Zoo as part of the ongoing relief effort by animal welfare organizations like IFAW. Global Animal Foundation is honored to be supporting IFAW's emergency efforts to ensure the animals receive food, water, and care on an ongoing basis.Photo credit: IFAW

Lions, hyenas, hippos, deer, monkeys and many other animals survived the cross-fire of last month’s conflict, but were left with the consequences of war. The lack of food and water quickly became a life-threatening emergency for the approximately 1,000 animals at the Tripoli Zoo.

Animal welfare organizations mobilized under unstable conditions and, by September 7, a critical lifeline was in place to get food, water and medical care to the zoo. It is an honor for Global Animal Foundation to support IFAW’s work on the ground at the Tripoli Zoo. 

Recent photos, included here, show a dramatic change for the zoo’s animals that’s worthy of celebration.

The following update on the Tripoli Zoo effort was provided to Global Animal Foundation today by Ashley Moore Baker of IFAW. Among the good news:  

  • The water supply is now good
  • All animals are being fed daily
  • Medicine has arrived at the zoo 
  • The zoo director and several staff are at the zoo looking after the animals
  • IFAW representative Dr. Abdelmoula visits the Tripoli Zoo daily to check on progress

Three weeks ago: Hippos in dire circumstances without water in Libya's Tripoli zoo.
NOW: Hippos at Tripoli Zoo immerse themselves in plentiful water and receive daily care and feeding, thanks to ongoing relief efforts. Photo credit: IFAW

In this video, Dr. Ian Robinson of the International Fund for Animal Welfare gives an update on the continuing progress at the Tripoli Zoo.

Saving the animals at the Tripoli Zoo is a shared success for all who gave voice to their suffering and responded so generously. It is also an ongoing effort. The cost of providing food to Tripoli Zoo animals is about $2,000 per day. 

Please consider supporting the continual care of the zoo’s residents with a donation to Global Animal Foundation‘s Tripoli Zoo Program. All donations are earmarked specifically for Tripoli’s animals and go directly to on the ground care at the zoo. 




Thank you once again, Global Animal readers! Your compassion in action and support of Global Animal Foundation is saving lives of animals in crisis.