Lions and other innocent animals wait for food and water at Libya’s Tripoli Zoo. Photo credit: CNN

Samantha Ellis, Global Animal

After reaching out to several different international rescue organizations, we are glad to report that every group we contacted is doing whatever it can to help the animals that were abandoned at the Tripoli Zoo. Unfortunately, getting aid to these animals is very difficult because of the inability to safely get in to Libya. The situation there remains unstable, and it’s impossible to known how the new government will react to foreign groups entering the country.

Of the organizations we contacted, IFAW, World Vets, and WSPA Australia seem to be the closest to taking action and saving these animals.

IFAW’s Ronnie O’Connor told us, “We have been in touch with our colleagues throughout the Middle East and they are reaching out to their contacts in Tripoli with an offer from the International Fund for Animal Welfare for immediate assistance. The situation in Tripoli is very unstable, but we are ready and willing to deploy aid.”

Kyle Baird from Wold Vets said, ” Because of the conflict we are not able to send a team so we have been working to leverage our worldwide network of veterinarian contacts since the news broke. Our intent is to find someone already in Tripoli or nearby who can deliver supplies to these animals. So far we have not been able to make contact with anyone who has that ability.”

Ingrid Potgieter from WSPA Autralia gave us some good news: “We are pleased to report that one of our network organisations, the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) , has succeeded in making contact with officials in the Libyan interim transitional national council, as well as the Director of the Tripoli Zoo, to ascertain the animals’ most immediate needs and agree a way to deliver the aid they require.”

We have also contacted the World Association of Zoos and Aquatiums (WAZA) to find out what the Global Animal Foundation can do to help get these animals the food and water they so desperately need. As soon as we have established exactly what we can do to aid WAZA, we will inform you, our caring readers, about how you can help, too.

For more information on the plight of the Tripoli zoo animals, read: Tripoli’s Zoo Animals Abandoned During Libya’s Conflict


To donate to help provide water, food, and care for the Tripoli Zoo Animals: Global Animal Foundation





  1. Taken from Zoo Biology the community discussion group of Zoo News Digest for your information.

    You will note from my intro to Zoo News Digest we are in agreement on this issue. I felt obliged to post therequest for help however as it has been passed on by a trusted andconcerned colleague who had in turn had it passed on to him. I had alsoreceived several requests for information.The latest information I have is:”Money is pledged by some including the Humane Society International(if they can work out how to get it there), and I contacted a Libyan Iknow who is connected to the Tripoli Resistance fighters – he emailed tosay that he had passed it on with a request that a water tanker wasdiverted there and food. I also contacted another I know who is withthe NTC, he told me that it was noted and he would ensure that hechecked when he got to Tripoli on Wednesday — I suspect he will be abit busy there with other matter so I’ll give another nudge.This is only short term help, though essential of course. I hopethere is a response internationally by those who know about the care ofbig animals and zoos,”AND”I think it was a short term problem of lack of food and water in acity that was lacking it. I got a water tanker diverted there 2 daysago (at least I was told it was, I’m not in Tripoli) from the Fashloumresistance fighters as I have a friend who is with them.Food, water and electricity is now reaching Tripoli and it’s pullingitself together. I got a message to the NTC as I have a friend thereand he will be in Tripoli on Wednesday and will allocate funds. Hesays that NTC understand that looking after the zoo is important from aPR standpoint given the amount of cover it got, it hadn’t been on theirpriorities list.”Best Wishes,PeterPeter Dickinson 07551 305 574Thailand: ++ 66 (0)871 000 132Skype: peter.dickinson48Mailing address: Suite 201, Gateway House, 78 Northgate Street, Chester,CH1 2HR United Kingdom