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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Wild Dolphins Learn Tail-Walking River Dance

AUSTRALIA - (DOLPHIN VIDEO) Billie the dolphin may have only spent a few weeks in captivity for rehabilitation, but it was enough time for her to learn a few tricks. Now she's teaching the secret of tail-walking to wild dolphins in her pod. Watch the amazing video of these wild dolphins tail-walking across the river. We like to think of it as a sort of river dance. Currently, six dolphins have the moves down. There's incentive to pass it on – the more who learn, the more dance partners. – Global Animal

Faster Than A Speeding Bullet, It’s a Bat!

(BATS/ANIMAL SCIENCE) Bats might not be on many people's list of favorite animals, but they do possess unique and interesting traits — one of which got them to the top of Science's list. Along with a few reptiles, birds and fish, new research shows that bats are one of the only animals that possess rare, superfast muscles. The muscles are used for echolocation, a trait that evolved to allow bats to locate and identify prey at night. Read on to learn more about this new finding. — Global Animal

Hang Ten! Surfing Canines Hit Huntington Beach

(SURFING DOGS) — What tricks can your dog do - shake, speak, slobber? How about surf? That's right, Southern California's dogs are taking to the waves and showing spectators that skateboarding bulldogs are old news. Check out the photo gallery from Sunday's Surf City Surf Dog competition in Huntington Beach! — Global Animal

“Catios” Are The New Cat Walk

(CAT ENCLOSURES) Global Animal often gets requests for information on kitty condos and outdoor cat enclosures. Here's an excellent article from the New York Times. It's not a patio, it's a Catio! And cat guardians say it's a (safe) road to freedom for felines who like to frolic outdoors. — Global Animal

Wild Dolphins “Walk On Water” (VIDEO)

AUSTRALIA (VIDEO) – See how wild dolphins are naturally learning to "walk" on water, furiously paddling their tail fluke, forcing their body out and across the water. Amazing! 

New Protections In Store For Endangered Species

(ENDANGERED SPECIES) UNITED STATES — The process for protecting an animal under the Endangered Species Act has long been criticized as too  slow. The Obama administration is taking steps to speed the process along and extend federal protection to hundreds of plant and wildlife species, starting with a Friday deadline for action on the more than 700 pending cases. Read on to discover which animals are already benefiting from this deadline, and what other changes may be in store for the Endangered Species Act. — Global Animal

Humans and Apes: The Autistic Connection?

(AUTISTIC APE) IOWA — Here's another reason to recognize the similarity between humans and animals: they share some of our mental health disorders. A young male bonobo residing at the Great Ape Trust refuge is showing signs of autism.  The 1-year-old named Teco is exhibiting behavior similar to autistic human children, including repetitive motions and a lack of eye contact. Read on to learn more about little Teco. — Global Animal

Catalonia Says Adios To Cruel Tradition

(BULLFIGHTING) SPAIN— Bullfighting has been a cultural tradition throughout Spain for centuries. However, legislation in the Catalonia region has sent the merciless practice to its grave with the last bullfight on Sunday. Pressure by animal rights activists partially influenced the decision to banish bullfighting. — Global Animal

An Unlikely Friendship: Surfer and Shark

(ANIMAL CONNECTION) CALIFORNIA — Sometimes the most unlikely pairs lead to wonderful friendships: an orangutan and a bulldog , a baby pig and a rabbit, a fox and a hound, just to name a few. This was the case when a group of surfers helped a shark pup this weekend. Read on to learn how this baby shark isn't the only one that needs our help. And don't forget to share some of the unlikely animal friendships you've seen and heard about! — Global Animal

Animal Activists Torch Fur And Fireworks

(ANTI-FUR) IDAHO — A group of animal advocates calling themselves the "arson unit" claimed responsibility for Monday's destruction of a fur coat store near Boise. This recent arson attack, which is a federal offense, brings up the issue of violent vs. peaceful protests. What tactics are effective when it comes to protecting animal rights, and how far is too far? — Global Animal

Update: Hollywood Fur Ban Now Reality (VIDEO)

(ANTI-FUR) CALIFORNIA — Hollywood has become the first U.S. city to ban all sales of animal fur, hair, and skin. Is this the start of a new anti-fur movement? Let's hope so. Read on for more regarding this animal rights victory and how the fur industry is reacting. — Global Animal

Man Saves Rare Sapsaree Dog Breed From Extinction

(PHOTO GALLERY) Have you seen a Sasparee? Thanks to one man, Korea's loyal, shaggy-haired dog breed known as the Sapsaree, has gone from a population of just eight in the 1980s to 1,200 dogs living with South Korean families. Read the story of geneticist Ha Ji-Hong and see remarkable pictures of the breed he saved – and the Sapsarees who are saving people with their work as therapy dogs.

Chinese Dog Eating Festival Banned

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM) CHINA — A social media uproar prompted the Chinese government to recently ban a 600-year-old dog eating festival after pictures of the practice found their way onto the internet. Eating cats and dogs is still socially acceptable in China, but the new ban is challenging this practice countrywide. So animal advocates, if you wonder if your Facebook or Twitter posts make an impact, now you know. — Global Animal

Meat-Free Mondays Challenge

(VEGAN/VEGETARIAN LIFESTYLE) Meat-free Mondays is a fun and easy way to show your love for animals. Going meat-free and dairy-free is beneficial for both your body and the world. Meat and dairy slow you down and don't digest easily, while a plant-based diet gives you energy and improves your health and appearance. Also, cruelty in slaughter houses and dairy farms is abundant, even in so-called "cage-free" or "humane" environments. So challenge yourself to go vegetarian — or better yet, vegan — just once a week and discover cruelty-free, healthy, delicious recipes. Together we can make a difference. — Global Animal