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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Shark Week? Try Shark Summer

(SHARKS) It's shark week, and while some watch from their couch others experience sharks up close. Curious great white sharks have been leaping onto boats, circling fishing vessels, and creeping closer to popular tourist spots. Discover if these shark encounters are shark attacks or something more benign, providing us with cool shark pictures. — Global Animal

Stealth Mode: How Silence Protects Beaked Whales

(WHALES) QUEBEC — Like submarines in enemy waters, Blainville's beaked whales go silent in shallow water to avoid detection by predators. This deep-diving whale has devised a method unlike those of other toothed whales to protect themselves from predators like killer whales. Find out about the animal behavior of these mysterious cetaceans. — Global Animal

Researcher Shares Her Life With Dolphins

(DOLPHINS/ANIMAL VIDEO) BAHAMAS — For the past 25 years, Dr. Denise Herzing has studied dolphins, living with and befriending several of them. Her new book, Dolphin Diaries, recounts her life with dolphins — so far. Over the years, Dr. Herzing has developed familial ties between these dolphins as she has watched youngsters grow up to become grandmothers. While she currently swims with the dolphins, Dr. Herzing hopes that computer software will allow us to communicate with or at least understand dolphins in the near future. Check out the interview with Dr. Herzing below to get a glimpse of the amazing experiences she has shared with dolphins. — Global Animal

Koalas Can’t Catch A Break This Year

(KOALAS) AUSTRALIA — Koalas have unfortunately faced high rates of violence and disease this year. Injuries during mating season devastate the endangered koala population. Dr. Amber Gillett and the staff at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital help hurt koalas such as Frodo and Blair.

Elephant Walks Again With Prosthetic Foot

(ENDANGERED SPECIES/ELEPHANTS) CAMBODIA — Chhouk, an orphaned baby Asian elephant, lost his left foot due to injuries sustained from a poacher's snare. With the help of some dedicated people and a remarkable prosthetic foot, however, Chhuouk is now able to walk again. Check out this extraordinary, touching tale. — Global Animal

Help Free Morgan The Captive Orca

(TAKE ACTION) NETHERLANDS — The Dolfinarium at Harderwijk refuses to release Morgan, a captive orca who was found malnourished and dehydrated in the North Sea last year. Law states that captured orcas must be returned to the wild. Don't let Morgan get sold into a life of captivity in the animal entertainment industry! Find out how you can help save Morgan and prevent this situation from happening again. — Global Animal

A Second Chance For Dogs And Prisoners

Although some may be hesitant to adopt a dog who was trained by prisoners, one mom says she has no regrets about her decision to do so.  After all, the dog she adopted from Prison Tails has become a wonderful addition to her family; he even saved them from a burglary!

Whale Wars Won? Japanese Whaling May End Soon

(WHALING/OCEAN CONSERVATION) After years of defending marine wildlife, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society may have finally won the whale war with Japan. It seems as though Sea Shepherd's work, coupled with a shrinking demand for whale meat, has made the continuation of Japanese whaling unlikely. A permanent end to whaling in Japan would bring us that much closer to worldwide whale safety. Read on...— Global Animal