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Monthly Archives: August 2011

A 15-Year-Old Helps Shelter Raise Donations

(ANIMAL SHELTER) MISSOURI — A 15-year-old high school student who volunteers at St. James' Tri-County Humane Society helped raise over $1,000 in donations by creating a Facebook page for the shelter. — Global Animal

A Stress-Free Cat Is A Healthy Cat

(PET HEALTH) A recent study has shown that stress doesn't only negatively affect people, but that it can cause healthy cats to act sick, and sick cats to act healthy. Make life a little less stressful for your cat, and you, by finding out what can stress out a cat. — Global Animal

Best Animal Tourism Spots In Latin America

(ANIMAL TOURISM) Vacationing in Latin America? Whether you want to stay in the city or hike Machu Pichu, Latin America has a lot to offer the animal lover. Before you book plane tickets, check out this list of the best places to see and learn about the diverse animals in the wild and in sanctuaries in Mexico, Columbia, Ecuador, Brazil, Belize, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Honduras, Turks and Caicos, and Trinidad. From ocelots to great white sharks, these animal tourism spots are sure to fascinate. — Global Animal

Update: Sea Shepherd’s Ship Saved!

(OCEAN CONSERVATION) The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society raised enough money to save their flagship, the Steve Irwin! The Whale Wars crew will soon return to sea and continue to save endangered marine animals. — Global Animal

Military Deployed To Hunt Poachers, Save Rhinos

(RHINOS) SOUTH AFRICA — The Asian black market demand for rhino horns has poachers pillaging Africa's wildlife in search of the lucrative horns. Thankfully, the South African government deployed its military in Kruger National Park to go after these poachers. Military involvement seems to be working; the number of murdered rhinos has  decreased dramatically over the past few months. But not all rhinos are being protected and, unfortunately, the poachers aren't the only ones hunting and killing these animals to make a profit. Read about the struggle as well as the success of the South African military. — Global Animal

Attack Survivors Speak Out To Save Sharks

(OCEAN CONSERVATION) Just in time for Discovery channel's shark week, survivors of shark attacks are speaking out in favor of the ocean's powerful predators. In pursuit of ocean conservation, these inspiring animal rights activists seek to end shark hunting and balance the ocean ecosystem. — Global Animal

Pets Improve Health And Happiness

(LIFE WITH PETS) The secret to good health and happiness is simple — be a pet guardian. Studies show that people who care for pets tend to be in better shape and have greater self-esteem than those who don't. Pets provide the same social and emotional support as close human friends. Find out how a pet can improve your life. — Global Animal

Shark Facts: Save Them From Becoming Soup

(SHARKS / OCEAN CONSERVATION) While shark week may be all about the power and strength of sharks, these amazing animals also need protecting from over-fishing and the barbaric practice of finning. Read a comprehensive list of facts about sharks and the up and coming laws that can protect them from endangerment and extinction. — Global Animal

Hilarious Pets Eagerly Await Pottermore Clues (Gallery)

(ANIMAL GALLERY) Pottermore is a new website for ultimate Harry Potter fans. J.K. Rowling fans wait for Pottermore clues to find the Pottermore magical quill and become one of the few lucky witches and wizards to register on the Pottermore site. See how some cute animals that love Harry Potter are reacting to the late-night challenge in a unique photo gallery. — Global Animal

Bad News Bears And Other Dangerous Encounters…

(WILDLIFE) Encountering wolves, bears, or mountain lions in the wild can be a frightening prospect, but there are several life-saving tips that can help keep you and the animal out of harm's way.  Read on... — Global Animal

Dogs vs. Cats: Who Has Better Vision?

(PET VISION) — Do dogs or cats have better vision? How do dogs and cats process vision? Are dogs colorblind or can they see colors? Learn all about animal vision here. — Global Animal

The Not-So-Secret Life Of Bee Keepers

(ANIMAL CONNECTION) ILLINOIS — America is buzzing with a new profound love of bees. Beekeeping is on the rise in the United States, and while it's normal for honey farmers to develop in rural America, more and more bee hives are taking over urban areas. This means more honey for urbanites and possibly a new breed of naturally stronger, healthier bees. — Global Animal

Peacock Jailbreaks To The Big Apple

(PEACOCKS)  NEW YORK — A peacock escaped from the Central Park Zoo and got stuck on the window sill of a Fifth Avenue apartment building. This is the second animal "jail break" of the year and efforts are being made to return the bird to the zoo. — Global Animal

Happy Feet Set To Return Home!

(WILDLIFE) NEW ZEALAND — When a young emperor penguin washed up on the New Zealand shore, there was little hope he would make it back to Antarctica. After months of recovery, however, Happy Feet is set to return home. — Global Animal