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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Abused Chicks Grow Up To Be Bullies

(SEABIRDS / SCIENCE) While people who are bullied as youngsters are more likely to be abusive later in life, a new study shows Nazca boobies also demonstrate the same behavior. When abused as youngsters, these sea birds tend to mistreat chicks later in life. — Global Animal

Dog Survives Crash, Returns A Year Later

(FAMILY REUNITED WITH DOG) MICHIGAN — After a lethal crash and missing for one year, the Benson family dog, Caesar, has returned home to his guardians in Michigan. Read about this magical story.Global Animal

Morgan Update: Court Orders Better Solution

(WHALES / TAKE ACTION) NETHERLANDS — A Dutch court prevented the Dolfinarium in Harderwijk from transferring Morgan the orca to the entertainment park Loro Parque in Spain. The ruling calls for the captive whale to be moved to a larger living space where she can interact with other marine animals. The Orca Coalition is pleased with the court's initial ruling. While the Dolfinarium claims that "the release of Morgan would be murder," animal activists hope Morgan returns home soon. — Global Animal

Gulf Dead Zone Expanding

(POLLUTION) GULF OF MEXICO — The Gulf coast's "Dead Zone" is rapidly increasing, researchers say, causing death to sea life.  Triggered by toxic fertilizers and extensive rainfall in the Midwest, the sea desert will continue to grow if no action is taken. Read on to understand the threat to the Gulf's sea life. — Global Animal

The Curious Practices Of Animal Mating (Gallery)

(ANIMAL BEHAVIOR / PICTURES) Here are the top 15 most adorable, bizarre, disgusting, and frightening animal mating rituals. Elephants, snakes, hippos, ducks, dolphins, crabs, fish, and more. Find out how these animals attract — or track down — their mates. Learn about these weird mating rituals with facts about animal mating. — Global Animal

Courtroom Dog Causes Controversy (POLL)

(COURTROOM DOGS / POLL) NEW YORK — Rosie, a golden retriever therapy dog, recently comforted a teenage rape victim who was unable to give her testimony during trial. Dog assistance in the courtroom is now a topic of discussion in New York and across the United States, posing the question of whether or not it is appropriate. Find out what expert psychologists and lawyers are saying, and let us know what you think. — Global Animal

Pet Store Evacuated During London Riots

(ANIMAL WELFARE) LONDON — Riots have led to the evacuation of a pet store on Tottenham High Road. A picture that captured the scene has animal activists and animal lovers worldwide worried for the animals' safety. While the violent protests have tragically resulted in one human death already, there is no information on wildlife and pets harmed in the mayhem. — Global Animal

Glowing Pup: Medical Magic Or Commercial Endeavor?

(ANIMAL SCIENCE / ANIMAL RIGHTS) Scientists have created a genetically modified beagle named Tegon who glows fluorescent green in ultraviolet light. Researchers claim that this glow in the dark animal experiment will allow us to better understand human and canine diseases, but at what cost? How many glowing puppies will grow up and die in cages? Will glowing dogs become a commercial success? — Global Animal

Requiring Microchips Could Save Thousands In CA Shelters

(POLITICS / ANIMAL SHELTERS) CALIFORNIA — About 1 million dogs and cats are housed in shelters every year and, tragically, half of them get euthanized. California lawmakers have proposed to change this unfortunate statistic by mandating that all animals in shelters get microchipped before being released to their current or new guardians. If passed, the legislation will be the first of its kind in the U.S. Learn more about the importance of  microchips by reading this article. — Global Animal

Does Your Pet Facebook Or Tweet?

(ONLINE PETS) Does your dog, cat, or other pet use Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube? You're not alone — one in 10 pets has a social media profile. Moreover, animal lovers feature animal pictures on their social media pages. — Global Animal

Trouble On The Horizon For Wyoming Wolves

(WOLVES) WYOMING — Following Idaho and Montana, Wyoming is set to remove wolves from the endangered species list. This news is alarming for those who see the absurdity of killing a species once hunted to the brink of extinction that's only recently regained a sustainable population. Read on about how statewide wolf hunting may begin as early as next fall. — Global Animal

Indonesian Slaughterhouses Torture Australian Cattle (TAKE ACTION)

(LIVE ANIMAL EXPORT) AUSTRALIA — August 8, 2011 marks a big day for animal lovers in cities across Australia. Rallies are being held to put an end to the tortuous practice of shipping living animals to other countries for slaughter where abuse is rampant. Read on to get involved... – Global Animal

Cairo, Seal Team Six Dog, Meets President Obama

(WORKING DOGS) The identity of the Seal Team Six Dog that helped kill Osama Bin Laden was finally revealed when the Belgian Malinois met the president in a private ceremony honoring the dog and his Seal Team members, according to an article in the New Yorker Magazine.

Birds And Their Beaks: The Science Of Staying Cool

(SPARROWS / ANIMAL SCIENCE) How do animals stay cool in the heat of summer? A new study conducted by ornithologist Russell Greenberg has revealed the science behind the size and length of a bird's beak. Find out how our avian friends keep from overheating with bigger, cooler beaks. — Global Animal