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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Dangers Lurking In Pet Food

(PET HEALTH) Over the past two years, there have been nearly three dozen pet food and dog treat recalls because of possible salmonella contamination. With both pets and humans at risk, even the CDC is concerned about the salmonella outbreaks. Learn how to protect your beloved pet and yourself from food poisoning. — Global Animal

Protesters Rally Against Live Animal Exports

(FARM ANIMALS) AUSTRALIA — Protesters are rallying against live animal exportation, an issue that has lead to widespread animal torture and cruelty. This active protesting was prompted by footage that was released from Indonesia showing the torture and slaughter of cattle. Prime Minister Gillard placed a temporary ban on live animal trade, but now animal advocates are calling for something permanent. Find out how you can get involved. — Global Animal

Ticks Creating Hot Zone Of Disease

(TICKS) A small outbreak of ehrlichia in the United States is largely due to an increase in ticks, which rapidly spread disease. However, is this rising population natural, or is it nature's reaction to deforestation and increased livestock production? Has a lack of natural predators allowed vermin to flourish? Will America go the way of Europe during the rise of the Bubonic plague? — Global Animal

Animal Protection Policies: 20 Years Of Progress

(ANIMAL RIGHTS ) USA — Here's something positive for animal lovers to reflect on: In the last 20 years, there have been at least 1,000 new animal protection laws enacted. Plus, these statutes are in addition to the federal laws aimed at preventing animal cruelty and animal abuse. So, though it may seem stagnant at times, and there are definite setbacks, too, the general trend in animal welfare is decidedly upward. Read on for inspiration to keep taking action on behalf of animals. It makes a difference! — Global Animal

Special Bond Between Dogs And Whales (GALLERY/VIDEO)

(ANIMAL CONNECTION) Can animals of different species communicate with each other? Some researchers believe that dogs and whales form natural bonds. Carrie Newell brings her dog along when she goes to study whales and believes the whales enjoy playing with her dog. Learn more about friendship between different animals, and check out the amazing pictures and video! — Global Animal

Jailed Baby Mountain Gorilla Rescued

(GORILLAS/ANIMAL RESCUE) AFRICA — A baby mountain gorilla named Ihirwe was rescued from a group of jailed poachers who held her captive in their Rwandan prison. Despite the harsh imprisonment, Ihirwe is in good health and is making great progress during her 30 day rehabilitation. She will be released back into the wild within a couple of weeks. Read on for more about this young gorilla's will to survive. — Global Animal 

Swimming With Sharks (GALLERY/VIDEO)

(SHARK PICTURES/VIDEO) Found in waters just off the Canary Islands' coast, this mysterious shark thrives in the ocean's depths. Featured are some beautiful and amazing pictures of the seldom-seen smalltooth sandtiger shark. — Global Animal

Salmon Protection Plan Needs Improvement

(ENDANGERED SALMON) OREGON — U.S. District Judge Redden ruled against the continuation of the current salmon conservation plan in the Northwestern United States. Redden stated that the plan needs to implement more action to adhere to the Endangered Species Act and called the current plan vague and ambiguous. The current plan will remain in place until 2013. Learn more about salmon conservation efforts here. — Global Animal

Precious Penguins (VIDEO)

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Penguins are like no other species. Perhaps that's part of the reason they fascinate us so much. A group of penguins displaying their natural behavior is captured on video. After a rough day, watching this video will surely put a smile on your face and remind you of the beauty that exists in the animal kingdom. Check out the video set to the soothing music of Mike Rowland. — Global Animal

Open Season On Peaceful Birds Causes Outcry (VIDEO)

(SANDHILL CRANE) KENTUCKY — The peaceful Sandhill Crane will be hunted this winter during its Kentucky migration period. This proposition by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (KDFWR) has sparked controversy but luckily, progress on the bill has been minimal. Find out why the hunting of these birds is cruel and unnecessary. — Global Animal

Glow In The Dark Shark Has Invisibility Power

(SHARKS/ANIMAL SCIENCE) EAST ASIA — The rare splendid lantern shark can create the optical illusion of invisibility. This natural superpower allows the shark to mask itself in the dark depths of the ocean where it lives. The shark also uses special light-emitting organs in its body to glow in the dark. Scientists are fascinated by the discovery of this amazing invisible shark. — Global Animal

The Truth About Chimp Testing

(CHIMPS/ANIMAL RIGHTS) Maryland conservative Roscoe G. Bartlett divulges his outlook on the outdated and cruel nature of animal testing. While many still believe that testing on chimps is necessary and beneficial to the human race, Bartlett argues from a scientist's point of view that it, in fact, is obsolete. We couldn't agree more! — Global Animal

Chimps And Humans Share Altruistic Traits

(ANIMAL CONNECTION / SCIENCE) A new study shows that chimps and other mammals have the capacity to share — not out of social pressures or for a favor in return, but simply out of empathy and even love. Learn more about how scientists discovered the "altruism gene" in chimps. — Global Animal

Injured Turtle Andre Returns Home

(ENDANGERED SPECIES/TURTLES) FLORIDA — A year after a boat propeller mutilated part of his shell, the endangered green sea turtle Andre is finally ready to return home to the ocean. When he washed up on Juno Beach last year, Andre's prospects looked bleak. Fortunately, Andre has recovered thanks to a group of dedicated volunteers. Their hard work and determination will allow Andre to live a full and healthy life right where he belongs. Read on to learn more about Andre's story. — Global Animal